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The graduate applicant pool can be large and diverse. Improve the quality of graduates you hire with our range of skills testing and services aimed specifically at recruiting graduate talent.

While the graduate job market is the best it’s been in years, many companies are reporting that their newly qualified employees lack essential workplace skills. A third of companies are concerned about young people’s attitude to work according to a recent CBI/Person Education & Skills survey.

32% said they were dissatisfied with graduate’s attitudes and behaviours of self management or resilience. Not only that 33% were unhappy with their literacy skills and 29% with their numeracy ability.

how does graduate recruitment differ

How does Graduate recruitment differ?

Graduate recruitment can vary to the usual hiring selection methods, applicants are far more likely to have little or no prior work experience.

With graduates, it’s all about the power to predict who has the potential to shine. With high volumes of applications all showcasing similar educational qualifications, it’s hard to differentiate the high quality candidates against those unsuitable.

This lack of work experience means that vocational testing is not appropriate for these applicants. Instead the focus needs to be on utilising testing that will help measure whether they possess the values and attitudes, enthusiasm, personality and cultural approach to be successful within your organisation.

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