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Why you need Numeracy Skill Tests

Regardless of the job role or industry, having numeracy skills is a fundamental requirement, whether it be basic knowledge through to excellent numerical understanding that is required. This is where our Numeracy Skill Tests come in, to allow you to see the extent of skills an individual may have.

Our employment assessments such as Mental Arithmetic Test, Numeracy Test and Numerical Comprehension Test within the module offer a full comprehensive range.

The assessments within the Numeracy Skill Test Module are ideal for recruitment purposes when hiring for a position that requires specific numeric skills, as they provide you with the confidence to make an informed hiring decision that your job applicants have the skills before you hire them. Or if you want to re-train your existing employees you can utilise the module assessment to benchmark your teams skills and identify areas of development to help them improve their day-to-day workplace mathematical abilities.

Overview of Numeracy Skill Tests

This module is designed to test a candidate’s numeracy, i.e. the ability to understand and work with numbers in a professional setting.The collection of maths & numeracy assessments enable you to identify and evidence the candidate skills at the level and type required by either the individual or the role in question.

Covering a range of assessments, this module can be utilised to identify mathematical skills such as extracting data trends from charts & tables to basic maths without a calculator within a variety of industries and roles, whether this be for initial recruitment or training and development through skills gap identification.

Numeracy Skill Tests available

Require bespoke adjustments to these Tests?

All mathematical assessments can be adjusted to meet your specific needs. Bespoke numeracy activities often include the addition of organisation specific questions relating to specific software, company policies and procedures as well as the removal of questions if required.

To find out more about our bespoke numeracy skills assessments, click here.

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Customer Testimonials
  • British Board of Film Classification
    "We are currently in the early stages of using the Team Communication Training product. It’s fascinating to see the results of the research. It will be a very useful tool for creating teams for specific products. Skillsarena provide fantastic customer service."
  • Southern Housing Group
    “Skillsarena’s tests have been used throughout the organisation for all levels of recruitment up to the most senior and have been very well received. The response to the tests has been overwhelmingly positive. All of our recruitment managers are absolutely delighted.”
  • Business Process Outsourcing
    “The bespoke test that Skillsarena created for us was a highly effective solution to a big problem. Our client was delighted with the outcome of the project.”
  • Home Retail Group
    “Our aim is to be the preferred local employer, by attracting the right people to work in our top performing call centre of which we are immensely proud. Skillsarena have given us a fresh perspective on our workforce and the motivation to build upon attracting the right people through an engaging employer brand.”
  • Family Mosaic
    “Choosing Skillsarena was the best business decision we made, the system is slick and easy to use, our business processes are faster and I recommend the company when speaking to others about their recruitment problems”.
  • Knight Frank
    “Some of the benefits of using a Skillsarena testing package include its simplicity, the ability to use it remotely and of course its competitive pricing. Knight Frank is extremely happy with the service. Skills testing is a useful tool when setting apart candidates during the recruitment process.”
  • Aster Group
    “Skillsarena was chosen because the assessments administered allowed us to track user actions in a simulated environment rather than simply offering multiple choice”
  • Edge Hill University
    “Character DNA has been highly effective at ensuring we appoint individuals into the organisation that can contribute to our positive and engaging culture”
  • SECOM Plc
    “Since engaging Skillsarena, the team and their assessments, we now have the evidence to ensure the candidates we interview have the skills we needed to perform the job.”

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