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Classes Increase in Size as Crisis in Teacher Recruitment Looms

teacher recruitment

Teaching is seen by some as a vocation rather than an occupation. However, recent statistics indicate fewer people are applying to take part in teacher training. Figures in a report…

Why you should use an Audio Typing Test when Recruiting

audio typing skill test

Audio typing is a necessary skill in a lot of industries which is why so many companies are now using an audio typing test when recruiting. It is often used…

What is Personality Profiling?

personality profiling modern approach to psychometric assessments

Personality profiling is used in many industries. It may sound unusual, but it has many advantages. It is used more often than many would believe, too.  Many companies use this…

What is a Numerical Reasoning Test?

numerical reasoning test

Logic has its place in every business, industry, and job role. Being able to reach a logical conclusion is a good skill to have, no matter what demands a job…

What are Skill Tests?

professional skill tests

Skill Tests help find the best people for all manner of roles. They are used in different industries, businesses, and situations. They are also used to help narrow the field…

How to Choose the Best Pre-Employment Assessment Tool

How do I Choose the Best Pre-Employment Assessment Tool?

If you’re looking for a helping hand when recruiting new staff, it is reassuring to know there are many tools on the market that can provide the support you need….

Dig out your Flip-Flops for FOP


  On 23rd April, the whole Skillsarena team will all be wearing flip-flops to the office to raise awareness of the genetic disorder fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, or FOP. It’s #FunFeet4FOP…

How to create High Performing Teams

steps to creating a high performing team

Most workplaces will occasionally (or regularly) need to put high performing teams together to complete projects. It’s easy to set targets for achievement within a team, but not as easy…

Using Technology When Recruiting for Housing Positions

using technology when recruiting for housing positions

Using recruitment technology when hiring for housing positions is becoming increasingly popular. When positions become available, there is often an urgency to fill them to keep everything ticking along. However,…

How Technology helps Recruiting for Housing positions

how technology helps recruiting for housing positions

Admin. It is a small word, yet it is one that has a huge impact on the recruitment process when recruiting for housing positions. More and more businesses are going paperless…