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Situational Judgement Tests help the Recruitment Process


Employing staff can be tricky. This is why many companies are now looking at recruitment with situational judgement (judgment) tests to help the entire process. Some would say you can…

How to Pick Better Employees

how to pick better employees

The process of recruiting employees is often tricky. You never really know a candidate until they have been with your organisation for a matter of weeks or more commonly months….

How common is Stress in the Workplace?

stress in the workplace

Stress in the workplace is certainly a hot topic at the moment. There are some who may say stress is a fashionable reason to be signed off work. Sometimes, it…

How Situational Judgement Tests help you hire the best Applicants

hire the best applicants

We have seen a rise in companies enquiring about how Situational Judgement Tests can help hire the best applicants. With this in mind we have put together this handy guide….

How important is Transparency over Pay and Benefits?

pay and benefits

How many times have we seen job adverts bearing the immortal words “competitive pay”? Many of these adverts keep statements over attached benefits vague as well – as if to…

The Employee Life Cycle: Select, Develop and Retain Talent

employee life cycle

We are often asked where online skill tests and pre-employment assessments fit into the employee life cycle.  We have put together a handy guide to talk you through each of…

Top Skills Employers are Looking For

skill tests ease recruitment process

According to Recruiting Times, a survey undertaken from the likes of Microsoft, Target Jobs, the BBC and other organisations has identified the top skills employers are looking for in their…

Why Hiring For Personality is as essential as Experience

personality profiling eases recruitment process

We are increasingly seeing clients hiring for personality as well as experience. When searching for candidates for a job role, it can be very easy to only focus on the…

What is a Situational Judgement Test?

situational judgement test

Often abbreviated to “SJTs”, a Situational Judgement Test is a type of psychological test which measures an individual’s behaviour and attitudes to work-related scenarios. It also assess how they approach…

GCSE Grading change & how it affects the way you Hire

GCSE grading change and how it will affect the way you hire

If as an Employer you use GCSE grades to assess applicants for your business, then you will need to be aware of the new GCSE grading change implemented this year…