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What is a Online Psychometric Test?

psychometric test

An Online Psychometric Test is a way of measuring an individual’s personality profile, mental capabilities and behavioural style. Initially psychometric tests were designed for educational and psychological situations only. However, psychometric…

What is 360 Degree Feedback?

360 degree feedback

360 Degree Feedback is a method of performance appraisal allowing employees to receive feedback from a variety of people who work not only in their own team, but also in…

Microsoft Office Training for Your Staff

microsoft office tests

There are many ways in which your company will benefit from providing employees with Microsoft Office training These Microsoft tests can be used throughout the full employee life cycle. Starting with…

How to Reduce Call Centre Staff Turnover & Attrition

call centre basic skill test

Not surprisingly, Call Centre attrition or staff turnover rates are extremely high compared to other industries.  This is why we are often asked for our tips on ‘how to reduce…

New Online Skill Tests added to our Suite of Products

skill test library

We are very excited to announce that we are adding new assessments to our suite of online skill tests! One brand new assessment is Call Centre Audio which falls under…

Is your Company ready to Recruit the best Graduate?

how does graduate recruitment differ

With the University academic year coming to a close in June, it’s that time of year again when Graduates are on the hunt for that first job! And Graduates have…

How to Recruit Millennials

recruiting millennials

According to Recruiting Blogs, Millennials are on track to overtake the Baby Boomers as the largest age group and will therefore become the dominate force in the workplace. In 2014…

Are candidates telling the truth on their CV’s?

are candidates telling the truth on their cvs

Today is National Smoke and Mirrors day. Smoke and Mirrors is a popular idiom for deceptive behaviour, or an action with an insubstantial explanation or description. Although the source of…

Seeing Red but feeling Blue? Discover your true Colour with Personality Tests

personality test

When deciding whether you should use Personality Tests as part of your recruitment programme, consider the following. Over the weekend, one of the most highly anticipated boxing matches took place…

Skillsarena Launches New staff Appraisal Tool

staff appraisal

We are excited to launch our new staff appraisal tool, Performance 360. This launch is the latest in a series of new products we’re bringing to the market during 2017….