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How to Recruit Millennials

recruiting millennials

According to Recruiting Blogs, Millennials are on track to overtake the Baby Boomers as the largest age group and will therefore become the dominate force in the workplace. In 2014…

Are candidates telling the truth on their CV’s?

are candidates telling the truth on their cvs

Today is National Smoke and Mirrors day. Smoke and Mirrors is a popular idiom for deceptive behaviour, or an action with an insubstantial explanation or description. Although the source of…

Seeing Red but feeling Blue? Discover your true Colour with Personality Tests

personality test

When deciding whether you should use Personality Tests as part of your recruitment programme, consider the following. Over the weekend, one of the most highly anticipated boxing matches took place…

Skillsarena Launches New staff Appraisal Tool

staff appraisal

We are excited to launch our new staff appraisal tool, Performance 360. This launch is the latest in a series of new products we’re bringing to the market during 2017….

Personality Profiling for a Professional Workforce

professional personality profiling

When you’re recruiting, how do you ensure your candidates have a strong work ethic? Professional Personality Profiling can help.   How can professional personality profiling help? Lloyds of London have announced…

Skillsarena Launches Psychometric Personality Profiling Tool

Psychometric Personality Profiling

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Psychometric Personality Profiling tool; Character DNA. The launch comes at an exciting time for us at Skillsarena, and is one…

Why Juggling isn’t Just for Clowns

in tray skill tests

England’s emergency ambulance service is said to be at ‘breaking point’ following recently released figures showing that of all the UK’s ambulance services, only Wales is successfully reaching emergencies within…

Are You a Fox or a Badger?

john lewis Christmas advert

As happens every year, we have all fallen in love with John Lewis’s Christmas advert, and the group of animals harmoniously jumping around on the trampoline (much to Buster the…

Skillsarena – Get to know us

about skillsarena

Welcome to Skillsarena! This is the first blog entry where Skillsarena will discuss and share our news and views related to recruitment and the industries we work with. This is…