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personality profiling
personality profiling modern approach to psychometric assessments

What is Personality Profiling?

Personality Profiling is an alternative to a Psychometric Test Online and Psychometric Assessment.  It displays a clear personality profile of an employee’s strengths, weaknesses, working style and how these all fit together to produce an effective team.

Psychometric questions seek to uncover how different personality profiles deal with situations in day-to-day work or life, or more specific things such as communication.

The report allows personality profiling; introversion, extroversionthinking and feeling. Whilst using colour to describe the candidate in order to bring the psychology to life. The report is easy-to-use and practical which everyone can understand.

For further information read our article about Personality Profiling. You can view Skillsarena’s very own Vicki Mann’s Personality profiling report to see what this says about her.

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The colour wheel in Personality Profiling

Once the test is complete, individuals are positioned on a colour wheel to show how they work most effectively. Individuals are categorised under one of four colours, so you can easily identify their personality type and how it drives their behaviour.

If a whole team were to complete the profile, their results can be displayed on the wheel to show the overall strengths and weaknesses within a team. The team wheel can be used to help everyone understand each other, adapt their behaviour accordingly to connect successfully and ultimately how best to communicate with each other.

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With Personality Profiling you can
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I’m considering using a Psychometric Test Online but why should I use Personality Assessments?

Completing a personality profile invites a host of benefits. It allows an individual to better understand themselves, and allows them to understand everyone in their working team. This will encourage relationships to improve which will bring huge benefits to the team.

Everyone can understand and value each other’s differences, whilst working around these and improving communication by adapting to different behaviours

Unlike some Psychometric Tests and Psychometric Assessments, the Personality Profile report can be understood by anyone. It’s presented in plain English.

To see the Personality Profiling tool in action, you can arrange a free demo at a time that suits you.

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