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Personality Profiling
with Character DNA

A powerful personality profile
presented in four colours.

What is Character DNA?

Character DNA Personality Profile is a 10 minute questionnaire which produces an incredibly valuable report, written in plain English and presented in 4 memorable colours. This means no qualification is required to read and understand the output and as such enables any manager to instantly understand individuals and how to get the best out of their team.

In addition to the standard Character DNA report, we also provide enhanced reports which focus in on the key attributes of the individuals personality. These enhanced elements help you to discover areas such as their people management style, working from home preferences and specific interview questions based on their personality.

Meet the Colours

Meet red paint splash


Reds see their role as:
Bringing a clear direction, determination and focus, keeping the team on target, pushing the team to take decisions and challenging the status quo.

Meet yellow paint splash


​Yellow sees their role as: 
The team’s go getter, offering new ways of tackling problems, making the impossible possible, never letting procedure get in the way of results and keeping up the team spirit.

Meet green paint splash


Green sees their role as:
Working for harmony in the team, a loyal and faithful team servant, maintains the sense of balance, conscientious and calm and seeing both sides of an argument.

Meet blue paint splash


Blue sees their role as:
Organising important details of a project, bringing technical expertise and focus on details, initiating the small improvements that make a difference, the team’s quality controller.

Our Profiles 

Personal Profile

Includes an insight into the Employee, their strengths, weaknesses, value to the team and communication preferences.

CDNA Remote Worker Focused Report

Remote Worker

Discover an individuals unique needs and communication preferences when working and being managed remotely.

Managing People

Delve into a candidates profile to discover their people management style, strengths and challenges.



CDNA Hiring manager image


A bank of probing interview questions for the hiring manager to explore based on the candidates personality type. 

Why use Character DNA?

The report is highly cost effective by comparison to market alternatives and delivers an accurate and accessible profile which anybody can pick up, read and understand.

Written in simple language, there is no need for formal training and means that immediate positive impacts can be made by HR, Managers and individuals alike. Readers will quickly digest and retain highly valuable information to understand themselves, value others and building a united, effective team.

Not only used in staff development, it is cost effective enough to be used as part of the interview process. By providing a selection of insightful questions based on the candidates personality, interviewers are able to delve deeper into a persons persona.


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