Personality Tests

Personality tests are invaluable tools in the recruitment process, allowing employers to assess candidates beyond their technical abilities.

Why are personality tests becoming so popular?

At Skillsarena, we offer a range of personality tests designed to evaluate candidates’ character traits, including their people management style and working-from-home preferences. The results of our personality tests also allow you to determine which interview questions would suit them best. Personality testing is becoming increasingly common in recruitment as employers look to gain a more rounded view of a candidate’s suitability for a role.

Personality Profiles

Character DNA

A powerful personality profile. It enables individuals to understand themselves, understand others and value the differences.

It enables managers to instantly understand each member of their team, their communication preferences and how to get the best out of them.

The report is produced in real time, has unlimited downloads and is written in plain English, meaning no qualification is required to read and understand the output.

Personality Profiles

Team Manager

The ideal report to use when matching a Team Manager with their team. Understand the persons style, their strengths and weaknesses in relation to their management approach. It highlights key information to ensure the balance is not disrupted, when recruiting into established teams.

It is also a powerful tool for the entire team as it enables them to  understand their new manager in a matter of minutes, something normally only discovered after months of gelling together. 

Personality Profiles

Hiring Manager

Designed with the Hiring Manager in mind.

Where generic questions provide general background these targeted questions enable the interviewer to really gain an in depth understanding of how a candidate will react and approach certain situations which their personality preference, may typically find more challenging

This report enables managers to really delve into the persona of a candidate and make the invisible, visible. 

Personality Profiles

Remote Worker

A valuable, targeted profile which educates individuals and their managers in remote working needs and styles.

It enables individuals to understand how their natural behavioural preferences are seen and maybe exaggerated when working remotely.

It enables managers to instantly understand each members needs and preferences and how best they can support them.

Personality Profiles

What does a character personality test involve?

At Skillsarena, we offer four different personality tests to meet your needs:

  • Character DNA: This test focuses on uncovering a candidate’s primary personality traits, providing insights into their character, strengths, and preferred working style.
  • Team Manager: This character test is designed to assess leadership qualities, evaluating a candidate’s ability to make decisions and lead a team effectively in a managerial role.
  • Hiring Manager: This test assesses characteristics required for effective hiring and team building within an organisation, including communication, decision-making, and the ability to identify suitable candidates.
  • Remote Work: With remote working becoming increasingly common, many employers are using this test to evaluate candidates’ suitability for remote roles. The test is specifically designed to assess those traits vital for successful remote work, including adaptability, self-motivation, and communication skills.

Each of these tests has been meticulously designed by our team to assess specific aspects of an individual's character traits, allowing you to identify those candidates most suitable for the roles you’re hiring for. We provide a comprehensive analysis for each test, allowing you to gain deep insights into candidates' personalities. This not only guarantees alignment with the job role but also ensures compatibility with the organisation’s culture. Personality profiling tests can help you to find top talent for your business.

Personality Profiles

Why use personality tests?

Personality profiling can play a pivotal role in identifying candidates whose personalities align with the specific demands and culture of your company. Not only do these tests provide valuable insights into how candidates may perform in certain positions, but by allowing you to understand individual strengths and working styles, you can build a team that works together in harmony. This can help to boost productivity and create a more collaborative work environment, ultimately enhancing the overall team performance.

A personality character test can be easily incorporated into your recruitment process, providing an efficient means of assessing candidates' suitability for roles within your organisation. Candidates take the test online via our easy-to-use platform, streamlining the assessment process for your hiring team.

To try our personality tests first-hand, request a free demo and trial. You can do this by phoning us on 0203 693 2201 or by sending an email to Our friendly team are on hand to tell you more about the benefits of personality testing for your organisation.

Personality Profiles

Meet the Colours

The results of the personality test will filter results into one of four main behavioural styles, represented by the following colours.

Red Personality

Red Personality

Employees with a red personality profile identify their role in a team as: The team member who brings clear direction, determination and focus to the table. One who shows unrivalled leadership, this team member keeps the team on target, motivating them to make decisions and challenge the status quo.
Yellow Personality

Yellow Personality

​Employees assigned a yellow personality identify themselves as: The team’s go-getter who offers new ways of tackling problems to make the impossible possible. By embracing an employees’ individual differences and team-building capabilities, traits of yellow personality types allow them to never let procedure get in the way of results.
Green Personality

Green Personality

Green personalities identify their role as: The behavioural type who works for harmony, agreeableness and sense of balance in the team. They are conscientious, loyal team servants whose self-awareness and understanding of other people allows them to remain calm and see both sides of an argument.
Blue Personality

Blue Personality

Members with a blue personality see their role in the team as: The decision-makers who organise a project’s most important aspects and who bring a wealth of technical expertise, skill, and a detail-oriented attitude. Blues initiate a focus on the intricate improvements that make a difference – they are the team’s quality controller.
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Why use Character DNA?

Whether we are aware or not, we conduct informal personality assessments on a day to day basis. When talking about ourselves and others, we frequently refer to characteristics that belong to particular personality types.

Valuable, impartial insights

Personality tests beat traditional methods of gathering information and provide recruiters and managers with insights into an individual’s personality that are 100% objective and bias-free.

By hiring and keeping employees by purely focussing on personality aspects, everyone’s a winner: employees, hiring managers and team members. These insights provide a higher level of understanding from each team member of how to get the best out of an employee – a process that would usually take months.

Easily comprehensible

The personality profiling report is accurate and accessible enough that anybody can pick it up, read and understand it.

By presenting the facts in simple language, the report negates the need for formal training to comprehend and allows HR, managers and individuals to make positive changes based on its results.

Readers will absorb valuable information to understand themselves better, value others more and build a united, effective team.


Additionally, the report produced by the Character DNA Personality Test is extremely cost-effective when compared to alternative solutions on the market. Don’t run the risk of running up costs for your organisation by making a bad hiring decision and focus on what matters most to your team.


Whether used in staff development or as part of the interview process, by providing a selection of insightful questions, your organisation will be able to dive deeper into an individual’s personality to help them reach their true potential.


Personality has been scientifically proven to be directly related to job performance. Assessing the behavioural tendencies of both job candidates during the recruitment process and current employees undergoing review allows recruiters and line managers to understand at a glance whether a particular individual will perform as expected and whether their personality aligns with that of your company culture.

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