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Personality Profiling
with Character DNA

Conduct psychological research on the traits, behaviour and skills of both current employees and potential recruits involved in the hiring process to produce a personality profile that categorises individuals into one of four unique colours.

What is the Character DNA Personality Test?

Personality profiling, as provided by our Character DNA Personality test, is a powerful personality assessment method that is widely used by employers as a means of improving teamwork, communication, and productivity in the workplace. Created to improve understanding of employees’ type of needs and requirements, the assessments provide unique insight into their personality traits. After completing the 10 minute questionnaire, the assessment produces an incredibly valuable report. 

The report’s answers are written in plain english and are presented in four memorable colours, meaning that no qualifications are required to understand the output – any employer or manager is able to instantly understand the personality types of their team member or prospective team member, their behaviour, and what they need to succeed.

In addition to the standard Character DNA Personality Test report, we provide enhanced reports which focus on the key psychological aspects and personality traits of the individual in question. These enhanced elements help you to discover specific areas relating to the employee’s personality, such as people management style, working from home preferences and interview questions that would suit them best.

Meet the Colours

The results of the personality test will filter results into one of four main behavioural styles:

Meet red paint splash


Employees with a red personality profile identify their role in a team as:

The team member who brings clear direction, determination and focus to the table. One who shows unrivalled leadership, this team member keeps the team on target, motivating them to make decisions and challenge the status quo.

Meet yellow paint splash


​Employees assigned a yellow personality identify themselves as: 

The team’s go-getter who offers new ways of tackling problems to make the impossible possible. By embracing an employees’ individual differences and team-building capabilities, traits of yellow personality types allow them to never let procedure get in the way of results.

Meet green paint splash


Green personalities identify their role as:

The behavioural type who works for harmony, agreeableness and sense of balance in the team. They are conscientious, loyal team servants whose self-awareness and understanding of other people allows them to remain calm and see both sides of an argument.

Meet blue paint splash


Members with a blue personality see their role in the team as:

The decision-makers who organise a project’s most important aspects and who bring a wealth of technical expertise, skill, and a detail-oriented attitude. Blues initiate a focus on the intricate improvements that make a difference – they are the team’s quality controller.

Our Profiles 

To produce the results that filter employees and their personalities into one of the four key personality types, we offer four different personality tests. These are:

Personal Profile Personality Test

Offers an insight into the employee, offering an overall assessment of their strengths, weaknesses and potential areas for development, value to the team and communication preferences, resulting in a colour-based personality assessment.

CDNA Remote Worker Focused Report

Remote Worker Personality Test

A personality quiz that allows you to discover an individual’s unique needs and communication preferences relating to being managed remotely to help you keep your team engaged from a distance. Similarly, this test produces a result based on a colour-based personality assessment.

Team Manager Personality Test

This personality factor questionnaire allows recruiters to ascertain a potential line manager’s people management style, strengths and weaknesses, favoured forms of communication and more, to determine whether they will align with the established team they will be leading. Again, this personality assessment sorts respondents into one of the four colour types. 

CDNA Hiring manager image

Hiring Manager Personality Test

This pre-employment personality test is used by recruiters and hiring managers. It features a bank of targeted, probing interview questions formed from the results of the colour-based personality assessment. These specific psychological questions offer a clearer picture of candidates and enable potential hires to expand upon results produced based on behavioural profiling.

Why use Character DNA?

Whether we are aware or not, we conduct informal personality assessments on a day to day basis. When talking about ourselves and others, we frequently refer to characteristics that belong to particular personality types.

Personality has been scientifically proven to be directly related to job performance. Assessing the behavioural tendencies of both job candidates during the recruitment process and current employees undergoing review allows recruiters and line managers to understand at a glance whether a particular individual will perform as expected and whether their personality aligns with that of your company culture.


Valuable, impartial insights

Personality tests beat traditional methods of gathering information and provide recruiters and managers with insights into an individual’s personality that are 100% objective and bias-free.

By hiring and keeping employees by purely focussing on personality aspects, everyone’s a winner: employees, hiring managers and team members. These insights provide a higher level of understanding from each team member of how to get the best out of an employee – a process that would usually take months.


Easily comprehensible

The personality profiling report is accurate and accessible enough that anybody can pick it up, read and understand it.

By presenting the facts in simple language, the report negates the need for formal training to comprehend and allows HR, managers and individuals to make positive changes based on its results.

Readers will absorb valuable information to understand themselves better, value others more and build a united, effective team.



Additionally, the report produced by the Character DNA Personality Test is extremely cost-effective when compared to alternative solutions on the market. Don’t run the risk of running up costs for your organisation by making a bad hiring decision and focus on what matters most to your team.


Whether used in staff development or as part of the interview process, by providing a selection of insightful questions, your organisation will be able to dive deeper into an individual’s personality to help them reach their true potential.

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