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We create and develop highly configurable online tests and training modules designed to measure and provide evidence of candidate and staff workplace skills. Verify candidate skills through hundreds of online assessments with our Skills Testing; Character DNA psychometric test that delivers powerful and detailed insight; Performance 360 – 360 degree feedback tool that reviews individuals from multiple perspectives; or gain feedback with scoring and confidential options with Team Survey.

Not only that, we also offer Skills Testing specific for certain industries. A variety of Retail specific tests to assess a candidate’s ability to handle real life retail scenarios; online recruitment assessments designed for the Housing industry; pre-built Finance assessments enable you to identify candidate knowledge related to financial responsibilities; as well as Logistics skills testing which assess basic “day to day” driver knowledge required by law.

Skills Testing

A measure of a candidates skills and ability using a range of objective questions aligned to educational standards and business terminology.

Character DNA

Psychometric Tests

Character DNA is a valuable profiling tool that allows you to see how personality drives aspects of behaviour.

Character DNA Days

Interactive Workshops

An interactive personality profiling workshop about the importance of effective team working.

Online Learning
Management System

An innovative and intuitive solution that gives companies a modern solution to blended online learning.

Performance 360

360 Degree Feedback

A survey of performance focused on the individual and rated by their peers, customers and managers.

Team Survey

Our Team Survey offers you an enlightening view from inside your company.

Graduate Recruitment

While the graduate job market is the best it’s been in years, many companies are reporting that their newly qualified employees lack essential workplace skills.

Retail Industry Tests

A variety of Retail specific tests to assess a candidate’s ability to handle real life retail scenarios.

Finance Industry Tests

Designed specifically for Finance, these prebuilt assessments enable you to identify & evidence candidate knowledge related to financial responsibilities.

Logistics Industry Tests

Simple, quick, effective assessment of drivers basic “day to day” skills and knowledge required by law and the company they are representing.

Call Centre Industry Tests

Pre-built assessments enabling you to identify and evidence the candidate skills set required to perform in a Call Centre environment.

Microsoft Office Tests

Microsoft Office “simulations” test a candidates ability to use Microsoft software products in a fully simulated test platform.

Clerical Industry Tests

Designed specifically to cover a fully comprehensive range of typical clerical responsibilities.

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