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in tray skill test
what are in tray skill tests

What are In Tray Skill Tests?

Our In Tray Skill Tests simulate an everyday working environment by testing an individual’s ability to recognise priority tasks and organise their workload accordingly.

Candidates are asked to prioritise tasks they are presented with on screen and use a free text response to provide reasoning as to why they have prioritised the tasks as they have.

At Managerial level the difficulty of the task is raised by increasing the complexity of the scenarios presented, the quantity of text presented and language used.

Candidates are presented with either 6 questions (Core) or 8 questions (Managerial) to complete within 45 minutes (Core) or 60 minutes (Managerial).

why do i need to use in tray skill tests

Why should I use In Tray Skill Tests?

Are you 100% certain that your applicants have the necessary skills to recognise priority tasks and organise their  workload and work-flow accordingly?

If you’re hiring for a position where multitasking and prioritisation skills are needed then our In tray Skill Tests are for you. You can choose between two levels; Core and Managerial depending on the position you are recruiting for. Alternatively, if you operate in the retail sector then choose our specific Retail In Tray Test.

To see the tests in action, you can arrange a free demo at a time that suits you. Did you know we offer a large selection of other Skill Tests? For further information view  our complete library of skill tests.

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Why choose Skillsarena?

We have been providing online assessments for recruitment purposes since 2001.

Customer service is key to everything that we offer. We are a supportive, flexible and highly responsive team. Whether you are a small, local business or a global corporation, you will benefit from a consistent, single point of contact.

Not sure which test to use? We’d be delighted to offer you a consultancy service to help solve your recruitment challenges. By becoming a customer, you will have access to our comprehensive library of over 100 skill tests which are ready and waiting to be used.

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