Realistic Job Profiling

Share with the candidate what its really like to
work in your organisation

What is a Realistic Job Profile?

A Realistic Job Profile (RJP) is a highly effective self deselection sifting tool.

It gives you the opportunity to share with your candidates what it is really like to work in you organisation and gives the candidates the opportunity to self-deselect from the process should they not feel aligned to the role.

You will be sure that 100% of your applicants will want “your” job as apposed to “a” job.

what is rjp

Creating your RJP 

Good day, bad day. Lets share with your candidates what it is really like to work in your organisation with real senarios they will face on a day to day basis.



Understand the role, scenarios, company culture and retention dynamics.



Select video, audio, text or a combination to deliver a day in the life of…



Our team will work with you to create the scenarios and bring the design to life.



The content is provided to you to put on your website or can be hosted by us.

Why use an RJP?

why use rjp

An RJP is a highly cost effective solution to enable you to sift large volumes of ‘interest’ for highly popular job roles, allowing you and your resources time to focus on genuine applicants.

It is a highly effective self-deselection tool for the candidates benefit with zero administration from you or your team.

On average 45% of applicants withdraw from the process after completing an RJP giving you 100% of applicants wanting “your” job as apposed to “a” job..

Hosted on your website, unlimited people can complete the questionnaire and are automatically given suitability feedback based on their answers. 

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