Video Job Interviews

Gain a better understanding of who is applying to your roles whilst streamlining the recruitment process.

First define what are the video interview pre-employment questions and how can they benefit

We have devised the Video Interviewing question types for specific use by candidates taking part in video interviews. By taking on the role of the interviewer, these questions of your choosing form the basis of your candidate’s interview, and their corresponding responses will be recorded and brought to life through video.

Your candidates will provide pre-recorded video interviews to your pre-selected interview questions, allowing you to efficiently recruit employees who are the right fit for the role and your organisation.

In addition to choosing from easy-to-use, pre-built interview questions, we can create bespoke questions using your organisation’s content to ensure that the experience you are delivering is in line with your company culture.

Through this extended collaboration, you will be able to come to a more rounded decision on an individual before spending time arranging for candidates to come in for an interview to be held face-to-face.

Video Interview

How do video interviews and pre-employment questions work?

Candidates will respond to each question in the interview by pre-recording a video in front of a camera. Most often, this will be that of a phone or computer’s screen. Candidates will have the ability to record 3 responses to each question and will then need to upload their preferred version.

Having on-demand access to these video recordings will allow hiring managers to manage and review responses according to their schedules. Additionally, as each one-way video interview will have been pre-recorded, employers and recruiters who are onboarding as part of a team will be able to collaborate and share the videos amongst each other.

The benefits of video interviews and pre-employment questions?

While you are still in the pre-hire stage—before inviting a potential candidate in for a face-to-face interview with yourself as a sole interviewer, or for a panel interview with other members of your team—you can review the videos that your talent have sent through the video interview software that you are using.

In this way, you can be sure that any potential hire that makes it through to the next stage has been screened effectively, is well-qualified, and seems to be a good cultural fit. As a result, you will spend your time interviewing only the very best, top talent whose values align with those of your company culture.

Video Interview

How it works

Whether through using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype or any other type of video conferencing software, we have all become more than accustomed to using video as a means of communication.

01 Research

The first step of the hiring process involves understanding the role, the type of hires you are hoping to attract and what you would like to learn about each candidate. Step 1 is an opportunity to think about the best-in-class talent you will be screening. What would a great recruitment video look like to you? What do you expect of new hires? How best can your prospective hires reflect this in their video content?

02 Idea

Once you have clearly defined your potential recruit’s role, you will need to select the interview questions you will use as part of the screening process. To ensure that your video interview is in line with your company culture and values, we will select questions based on the preferences that you will define during a consultation with us. Alternatively, we can create hiring qualifying questions that are entirely bespoke to your organisation, using completely original content.

03 Record

Your potential hires will be tasked with talking into a camera to answer your interview questions. They will conduct the one-way interview using video interview software to pre-record three answers to each question posed during the interview, uploading their preferred version each time. As each potential hire will be prompted to record their answers whilst looking into the camera and microphone, they need to maintain good eye contact and comfortable body language throughout.

04 Review

Once they are submitted, you will have unlimited on-demand access to your potential recruit’s recorded interviews. Each interviewer, recruiter, HR team member, and all others involved in the screening process can access the video interviews on-demand to decide which interviewees to invite an in-person interview. As a result, your teams will collaborate on hiring decisions without pressuring candidates by having numerous team members present during on-premise interviews.

The benefits of the video interview?

Using video as a means of interviewing and assessing potential employees during recruitment had become increasingly prevalent. The pandemic has seen remote working develop from once being seen as a lucrative benefit to a common aspect of our lives, our reliance on video interviews has extended even further.

An effective use of time

Simply put, video interviews allow both employers and potential hires to maximise their time. This highly efficient solution enables those responsible for hiring to review numerous prospective recruits without booking a single face-to-face meeting. For a task that would usually take an hour for each candidate, you will get back 75% of your time or see three times as many candidates – the choice is yours!

Reduce candidate no-shows

Inviting potential hires to on-premise or telephone interviews to have them not show up is both time-consuming and frustrating for employers. The platform on which video interviews take place allows candidates to log in and record their answers at any time, making coordination of diaries unnecessary. As such, candidates will not need to book time off of work to attend, their work-life balance will not be affected, and they will receive an excellent candidate experience.

Review more applicants

By reviewing pre-recorded video responses, less time will need to be assigned to each candidate, allowing you to focus on a larger number of applicants. Employers will experience a shorter, but more efficient time to hire, giving them the best chance of onboarding quality candidates ahead of the competition.

Improve collaboration

Video interviews allow you to include all of your team members in the hiring process. They can each analyse, review and offer opinions on the video recording of each potential hire at their leisure, comparing candidates in the process. By removing individual accountability, decision-making will become more transparent, efficient and collaborative.

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