Matching Test

The Matching Test has been created to assess an individual’s ability to connect words, complete sentences, recognise differences and match information across a range of number and letter sequences. The values that will need to be matched, whether words or numbers, will be presented in a multiple-choice question format, and the test consists of 30 questions in total.

Matching Tests are typically used to assess whether an individual has grasped the meaning of a particular subject and can differentiate between two or more similar items. Our Matching test is a good way to test a candidate’s knowledge under time restraints, while also assessing their ability to pay attention to small differences. 

The Matching test has been designed to assess an individual’s ability to recognise differences and match information across a range of number and letter sequences. When taking this test a candidate is required to show attention to detail by identifying matching items through answering questions presented in a multiple-choice question style.

This test is a good way for employers to assess a candidate’s ability to pay attention to fine details. It is a highly effective way of measuring a student’s ability to identify the relationship between similar items such as terms and definitions, cause and effects, symbols and their names, scenarios and their responses, and many more.

The Matching test consists of two columns, side by side. The first column which is usually numbered will have the question and the second column, usually listed alphabetically will have the correct response to the aforementioned question. Some responses will appear to be the same, this is where attention to small differences to match the correct answer will be assessed.

Candidates will be tasked with answering 30 questions within 15 minutes. Each response is automatically marked, and a point is awarded for each correctly answered question, some questions require multiple answers and the sum of these questions will result in one point being awarded if answered correctly. Skipped questions and those that are not taken will result in no point being awarded.

Who is the Matching Test aimed at?

This cognitive ability test is used as a pre-employment assessment to ensure that potential staff are detail-oriented and can give a greater insight into a candidate’s abilities than normal interview questions would. By using the matching test format, students and other test-takers can showcase their ability to connect ideas, statements, numbers, solutions with problems and themes.

Our Matching test has been created to assess the skills of candidates who are applying for clerical job positions, some of these candidates may still be students looking for work or current employees who require a refresher course. Any job position that requires observation, attention to small details and reasoning skills will benefit from this skills test. 


This skills test contains questions that require an individual to show that they are able to find information and relate it to correlating content. 


The ability to focus and give attention to the subject matter without being distracted by all the options presented. 


Candidates will be assessed on their critical thinking and evaluation skills to assess the test questions and deliver the correct answers. 

Attention to Detail

During this assessment, candidates will need to show the ability to complete tasks while taking into account all items involved. This means being able to double-check answers and paying great attention to the job at hand. 

Matching Test

Course Features

  • Practice test available
  • Randomised presentation
  • 15 minutes available
  • 13 minutes average completion time
  • 30 questions presented
  • 60 questions in pool

Why use a Matching Test?

Our Matching test allows you to cover a larger range of content than you would be able to with multiple choice questions, making this assessment a good option for testing an individual’s ability to recall information.

By using our Matching test, you can conduct a quick and easy assessment without using unnecessary questions. There is also less of a chance to guess the correct answer and candidates are forced to recall previously learned information. 

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