English Literacy Assessments

English literacy assessments are designed to assess a candidate or employee's ability to read and write coherently.

Results gleaned from having candidates conduct a literacy assessment online provide employers with a well-rounded view of employee English skills, helping organisations to ensure that the written communication of employees is up to the required standard.


What are English Literacy Assessments?

We provide a wide range of web-based English skills tests that provide an effective assessment of your employees’ and candidates’ literacy. These assessments are not specific to a particular job role or profession, meaning that organisations from all industries will benefit from discovering candidates’ level of literacy.

Regardless of the job you are recruiting for or the industry the candidate will be working in, having both a good grasp of the spoken British English language and strong levels of comprehension is vitally important. Regardless of an individual's level of education, possessing adequate reading and writing abilities are paramount.

English Literacy Assessments are standardised, computer-based assessments that provide employers with an opportunity to pinpoint a candidate's literacy standards and measure their use of the English language in a professional setting. Tests within the literacy assessment online module assess a candidate's ability to use the correct grammatical form, their spelling capabilities, vocabulary knowledge and proofreading skills.

These tests offer a quick and efficient way for you to track progress in relation to testees' literacy; you can see just how well your current or potential employees have performed. By using our pre-built literacy assessment online, you will have the confidence you need to make informed hiring decisions. The literacy skills tests will allow you accurately view and assess the core skills of an individual so that you can better decide if they are the right fit for your company.

Why should I use an English Literacy Test?

Would you like to be 100% certain that your applicants have the literacy skill they claim to have? No matter what the position is, an employee will need to be able to effectively communicate with other employees during their working day.

Testing the literacy skills of your applicants during the selection process will make for a more effective face-to-face interview. Your mind will be put at ease, as you will know that your potential employee has the right level of literacy to be considered for the job.

When recruiting from a large candidate pool, putting your applicants through a literacy assessment online will allow you to effectively filter candidates to only qualify those who have the levels of literacy that you are looking for. By using the assessments above, huge amounts of time that would usually be spent interviewing unqualified applicants will effectively be saved.

When hiring for a position requiring literacy skills, our English Literacy tests are just what you need. You can choose between the Grammar Skill Test, Spelling Skill Test, Vocabulary Skill Test, Reading Comprehension Skill Test, or Proofreading Skill Test. Alternatively, you can use all of the skill tests within this module to assess literacy.

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