Designed to assess an individual’s knowledge of the safety requirements to follow during the management and carriage of hazardous chemicals.

Our ADR tests are designed to ensure that potential industrial employees have knowledge of European regulations regarding the transportation of dangerous and hazardous materials in large vehicles by road. The ADR drivers who transport these dangerous goods need to be aware of the lawful practice involved and with these tests, you can confidently hire skilled staff with ADR training. 

As with any industrial job role, ADR drivers need to have specific training and knowledge of the international carriage of dangerous goods by road. For a tanker truck driver, understanding of safety regulations and procedures, European Union regulations and Lawful practice is an important requirement, and this ADR exam can aid in the elimination of incompetent hires.

The ADR test has been designed to assess an individual’s knowledge of the requirements necessary for the Carriage of hazardous chemicals and other dangerous goods. Candidates will be presented with 10 questions to complete within 5 minutes, these questions will appear in a variety of styles including multiple-choice questions and true or false statements.

The candidates will be asked questions on topics such as package handling, international carriage regulations, and the requirements needed to prevent an incident or accident from occurring. Each response is automatically marked, and a point is awarded for every correctly answered question. For some questions multiple answers are required, however, these questions will result in one point being awarded. Skipped questions and those answered incorrectly will result in no point being added. 

Who is the ADR Test aimed at?

Our ADR testing has been designed for drivers of vehicles that are transporting hazardous and dangerous goods across international borders. Each driver should have ADR training and be able to assess the roadworthiness of hazardous goods vehicles and have good knowledge of the current rules and regulations required to carry bulk containers.

The ADR test will verify the information ADR certificate holders gained from their training course as there is a variety that can be taken. There are many dangerous situations that a driver may come across during the transportation of hazardous goods, this makes it all the more important to have thorough ADR training and knowledge of vehicle management.

This test can be useful when hiring for roles such as Depot supervisors, Transport & Distribution managers, Warehouse operatives, Dangerous goods safety advisers, and many other industry positions. This test can also be used as a refresher for current employees or those who may need further training.

Regulatory Knowledge

Sufficient knowledge of regulations concerning the transportation of hazardous materials.

Lawful Practice

Clear understanding of the laws in place regarding the transport of dangerous goods across international borders.


Attention to detail when it comes to the handling, loading, unloading and carriage of dangerous goods.


Course Features

  • Practice test available
  • Randomised presentation
  • 5 minutes available
  • 4 minutes average completion time
  • 10 questions presented
  • 10 questions in pool

Why use an ADR Test?

There are many reasons to use our online ADR testing, it is a great way to ensure that tanker drivers are aware of the possible transport risks involved with dangerous goods. It also protects your business from the consequences of drivers who are not aware of the laws regarding the transportation of dangerous goods.

Our online ADR testing ensures that a driver knows the best methods, safest routes, and appropriate dangerous substance handling methods. It is a good way of making sure they have knowledge in line with intergovernmental organisation regulations and allows the transport of dangerous goods across international borders freely.

Furthermore, online tests eliminate the need to send potential employees to test centres. This saves costs and time during the hiring process, while also minimising turnover within your company. 

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