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Skills tests are playing an increasingly important role in the recruitment process, allowing employers in various industries to identify the best candidates for roles within their organisations. At Skillsarena, we can provide an online skills test that enables you to evaluate candidates’ key competencies, ranging from verbal and numerical reasoning to core skills. By integrating an online skills assessment into your recruitment protocol, you can ensure that the candidates you select align with the demands of your company.

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These assessments include those related to logic, such as aptitude tests, verbal reasoning tests, numerical reasoning tests and more. Plus core skills tests, which assess knowledge-based, non-specific skills of potential or existing employees, and role-specific assessments, including those designed for legal, clerical, and finance professionals, as well as many others.

Skills Testing

Skills testing for recruitment

A skills assessment has become a crucial component of many modern recruitment strategies. Increasingly, employers are choosing to evaluate candidates based on their practical abilities, rather than simply the qualifications listed on their CVs. A skills test provides a more objective measure of a candidate's abilities since it provides a clearer picture of what they can actually do.

An online test for recruitment can be used to measure candidates’ skills across a wide array of industries. Skills testing is incredibly versatile, ensuring that it can be customised to meet the specific requirements of different sectors. Tests for technical skills can be incredibly useful in IT, engineering, healthcare, and finance recruitment, whilst the ability to identify candidates with soft skills such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving and time management can benefit companies in industries across the board. 

At Skillsarena, we can also provide role-specific assessments tailored to industries like hospitality, retail, manufacturing, and beyond. These tests ensure that candidates have the specialised skills crucial for success in these sectors.

Skills Testing

Streamline your recruitment process

Skills testing can help to streamline your hiring process and ensure that you're selecting candidates who not only meet but exceed the demands of your organisation. Our recruitment test assessments offer a comprehensive evaluation of candidates' competencies, from technical competencies to critical thinking and soft skills. 

By using our platform, you gain a deeper insight into the people applying for roles within your business, enabling you to make informed decisions that allow for a more efficient and effective recruitment process. Whatever industry you’re in and whatever role you need to fill within your organisation, our online skills assessments can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

Free online recruitment tests are available with a trial of our service. Get in touch to request a demo and discover how our online skills tests can help you find top talent for your business. Call us on 0203 693 2201 or email to reach our customer support team today.

Skills Testing
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Benefits of using skills tests

Most of the time, recruitment is costly, and most companies underestimate its expense by 90-95%. Skills assessments will allow you to streamline the lengthy, often painstaking process of recruitment.

Filter unsuitable applicants

When used as pre-employment tests, they effectively filter large amounts of applicants. The assessment criteria used by skills assessments provide a realistic overview of a role, so they can be used consistently as a means of measuring key, job-specific indications of performance. 

58% of hiring managers have said they have caught out a lie on an applicant’s CV. When recruiting in high volumes, aptitude tests can reduce the amount of work on the part of the hiring manager and the number of face-to-face interviews that will need to be booked, as they will only have to assess candidates who were qualified enough to pass the test.

Save time and money

Assessing many candidates’ abilities to perform various disparate aspects of a job role would be an extremely time-consuming process for both candidate and employer if each interview were conducted face-to-face or over the phone. Many of these abilities can be tested through pre-employment skills testing instead, at the candidate’s leisure. This way, you will not waste precious time interviewing candidates who are simply unable to do the job.

Make decisions based on quality

Even the most experienced hiring managers sometimes cannot escape the gut feeling they have about particular candidates, even when simply reading a CV. Unfortunately, in many cases, this inclination can lead to the elimination of a candidate who is qualified for the job and would have made an excellent fit. Skills assessments allow hiring managers to avoid unconscious bias in the hiring process and focus on what matters – what a potential employee can bring to the table.

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