Accounting & Finance

Faced with problem-solving in their day-to-day work life, accountants are known to be detail oriented critical thinkers.

Accounting and finance skills tests

With our Accounting and Finance skills tests you are able to assess potential employees’ account management abilities, making the hiring process much easier and giving you the confidence that you are hiring individuals that are able to manage that workload and perform to the high standards of your company.

To ensure that these assessments are up to date with regulations and requirements, they have been developed by financial and accounting professionals. The purpose of these tests is to assess a candidate’s ability to analyse trends and prepare financial reports that will impact a company.

  • Finance
  • Financial Accountant
  • Payroll
  • Purchase Ledger
  • Financial Administrator

Skills Tests

These pre-built assessments are designed specifically for finance roles. They have been made with the aim of enabling you to identify and evidence a candidate’s knowledge and skills concerning financial responsibilities.

Sales Ledger

15 mins

Use our Sales Ledger skills test to hire the best talent for your finance and accounting team, and reap the benefits of reliable and accurate accounting today.

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Purchase Ledger

15 mins

A test to determine a candidate’s knowledge of purchase ledgers familiarity with terms and procedures. In this test, having an understanding of financial documents is crucial.

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15 mins

If your business has employees, you need payroll. But how do you find great payroll and accounting employees? The answer: our Payroll skills test.

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Financial Accounting

15 Mins

Searching for your next financial accountant? Use our Financial Accounting skills test to add value to your company and enhance your finance team.

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Book Keeping

15 Mins

The bookkeeping test has been designed to assess accounting and finance skills and make sure a candidate is the perfect fit for your business.

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Accounting and Finance

What are accounting and finance skills tests?

During the process of hiring for financial roles, it is crucial to identify reliable and capable employees with the correct knowledge and ability to apply that knowledge. Each of the tests provided in this module assesses a different area of financial work, allowing you to distinguish between candidates’ skills and make an informed decision when hiring accountants or other financial staff.

During the assessments, candidates will be presented with a series of questions to determine their level of analytical thinking combined with maths skills appropriate to the field of finance and accounting. The test modules include a Bookkeeping test, Financial accounting test, Payroll test, Purchase ledger test and Sales ledger test.

Why should I use accountancy skills tests?

Each test is simple to use.

How does this benefit me as an employer?

For employers, the accounting and finance tests are a way to assess how candidates digest and apply information, which can help greatly with the hiring process. As future employees will be expected to manage client and business accounts, this is a good way to gain insight into their financial ability and how well-matched they will be for the position.

Filter unsuitable applicants

When hiring for a finance-related position, there can be many potential candidates that appear to be the right fit on paper. With our pre-employment assessment, you can compare their skills and choose who will be the best fit for your company. A pre-employment test can provide a clearer view of a candidate than an interview and will aid you in eliminating those who are not suitable.

Save time and effort

Another reason to use our pre-employment test is that it can greatly reduce the time taken up by the hiring process. By immediately narrowing down your list of potential employees, you can also reduce the cost of the recruitment process.

Make decisions based on quality

A skills test can eliminate any hiring bias. By hiring based on assessment results, you ensure that you have hired the ideal, competent addition to your business. Using these assessments, you can be sure to hire individuals with the ability to calculate accounting figures and manage financial records. In assuring that you have suitable candidates, you reduce future company turnover.

Easy and simple to use

A prospective employee’s responses are automatically marked and a point is awarded for every correctly answered question. Skipped questions or those that are not taken will result in no point being awarded.