Book Keeping Test

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A test curated for assessing the knowledge of an individual responsible for the general bookkeeping of a business. In this test, a candidate will answer questions and show they can handle financial statements with clear understanding and skill.

Our Bookkeeping test has been specifically designed as part of the accounting and finance module to assess an individual’s basic ability to keep a record of a business’s financial transactions accurately and coherently. In any business, bookkeeping is vital for the preparation of documents, transactions, and operation breakdown, to ensure that all accounts are organised and legible. With our bookkeeping aptitude test, you can be sure you have the right staff on your team. 

There are 25 questions to answer in 15 minutes, candidates’ responses are automatically marked, and a point is awarded for each correctly answered question. Skipped questions and those that are not answered will result in no point being awarded. 

 Book Keeping Test

What is a book keeping test?

This test has been created to test an individual’s knowledge of general bookkeeping. A bookkeeping clerk is required to process financial business transactions and this test will assess an individual’s basic bookkeeping skills. While bookkeeping a candidate will be responsible for the management and organisation of accounts known as the general ledger, this test will assess their familiarity with the bookkeeping process and bookkeeping terms.

Candidates are presented with a variety of questions, which are presented in the form of multiple-choice questions, true or false questions, freehand response questions and ranking questions. Bookkeeping is both transactional and administrative and this accounting test uses this range of question styles to assess a candidate’s knowledge of basic accounting and their ability to function in a busy work environment.

  • Practice test available
  • Randomised presentation
  • 15 minutes available
  • 12 minutes average completion time
  • 25 questions presented
  • 25 questions in pool

Who is the Bookkeeping Test aimed at?

The Bookkeeping aptitude test that we provide has been created to aid employers during the hiring process. Every business requires a bookkeeper and with this test, you have a way a assess bookkeeping and accounting skills, and confidently hire an individual who will be able to correlate past financial performance information to aid future business plans.

Industries from government agencies and healthcare providers to retail stores and hospitality establishments all require bookkeeping services. Having an accurate account of finances allows businesses to stay in control of incomings and outgoings and a mistake in this department can result in dire consequences. With the Skills Arena Bookkeeping test, these errors can be avoided, this test can also be used as a refresher for staff already on your accounting team. 

 Book Keeping Test

Skills Assessed

Candidates have 15 minutes to answer 25 questions. Each question covers essential practical and theoretical knowledge.

01 Accuracy

Candidates will be assessed on their numerical reasoning, and their ability to collect accurate information from source documents. 

02 Capability

During this assessment, candidates will be tested on their ability to collect and provide comprehensive financial information. 

03 Knowledge

Knowledge of basic accounting will be assessed, such as the ability to decipher cash flow statements, prepare bank reconciliations and draw information from other financial documents.

04 Finance Terminology

This test assesses a candidate’s understanding of financial terminology and their ability to use the terminology correctly and apply this knowledge while bookkeeping. 

Why use a Bookkeeping Test?

What are the benefits?

With our online pre-employment test, you are able to gain a clear view of an individual’s bookkeeping skills during the hiring stage. This allows you to assess their accounting skills and guarantee that they will be the right fit for your business.

In any company, there is always a need for accounting skills, and by using our test you are able to use each candidate’s answers to form an unbiased hiring decision. Bookkeeping is about the management of accounts, and it is not an area of business where continuous mistakes can be made, by assessing candidates’ basic skills you can confidently put them in an important position.

Our bookkeeping test ensures that current or potential employees are familiar with using spreadsheets, reading financial statements, managing payroll, organising ledgers and other vital areas of business accounting.

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