Purchase Ledger Skills Test

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Every company needs to record their spending habits. Purchase ledgers allow businesses to monitor accounts payable and transaction processes and stay on top of their finances. However, only when done right.

Not every candidate who applies for a purchase ledger clerk or accounts management job is up to scratch on the skills and abilities required of these roles. That's why it's absolutely essential to incorporate our Purchase Ledger skills test into your pre-employment process. 

 Purchase Ledger Skills Test

What is a Purchase Ledger Skills Test?

Our Purchase Ledger test rests within our Accounting and Finance skills module. It is designed to assess your candidates' knowledge of day-to-day purchase ledger processing. Candidates are presented with a variety of question styles including multiple-choice, freehand response, true or false and ranking.

Candidates have 15 minutes to complete 25 questions. Their responses are automatically marked and a point is awarded for each correctly answered question. Skipped questions or those that are not taken will result in no point being awarded.

  • Practice test available
  • Randomised presentation
  • 15 minutes available
  • 12 minutes average completion time
  • 25 questions presented
  • 25 questions in pool

Who is the Purchase Ledger Skills Test Aimed At?

This skills test is perfect for recruiting great new hires for your accounting team. Whether you're looking to onboard a designated purchase ledger clerk or accountant to manage your invoices and receipts, you'll definitely find this skills test to be a valuable investment.

Finance managers, recruiters and employers can use this Purchase Ledger skills test to whittle down and optimise their talent pool to only the most skilled and talented candidates. This makes processing applications and conducting interviews much more streamlined and efficient - and more likely to result in high-quality, reliable hires for your finance and accounts team.

 Purchase Ledger Skills Test

Skills Assessed

Candidates have 15 minutes to answer 25 questions. Each question covers essential practical and theoretical knowledge.

01 Accuracy

By questioning candidates on the essential skills and knowledge required within a purchase ledger clerk/accountancy role, and only awarding points for correctly-answered questions, our skills tests provide an accurate assessment of your applicants' skills and abilities. Accurate bookkeeping and accounts processing is essential for any organisation, no matter whether you're an industry giant or a small business. 

02 Capability

Your candidate might have all the right qualifications, but how do you know if they have the ability and capability to perform the practical skills required of their role? Don't panic - this skills test helps you do just that. 

03 Knowledge

Our test gets straight to the point. It asks all the right questions to give you an accurate indication of your candidates' level of knowledge when it comes to all things finance, accounts, invoices and expense processing. Our questions require applicants to either select or enter the correct answer into the response box. Therefore, in order to score well, they must demonstrate a proficient level of purchase ledger knowledge.

04 Financial Terminology

Some of our questions ask candidates to enter financial terminology into a free-hand text response box or select the appropriate term for that question/sentence from a multiple-choice list. In doing so, your candidates' final assessment scores indicate their level of knowledge and understanding of key financial terminology. 

Why use a Purchase Ledger Skills Test?

Smarter Hiring Decisions

Every organisation wants to hire the best talent, but it is often hard to secure amazing candidates when hundreds can apply for a single role. However, by using our skills tests to analyse your applicants' skills and abilities pre-hire, you can effortlessly streamline and optimise your candidate pool to contain only the most talented and proficient prospective employees. This makes finding the right (and best) applicants for your next purchase ledger clerk or accountant job easy. 

Accurate Accounts Monitoring

Recruiting top-quality employees for your accounts and finance teams brings endless benefits to your company. A skilled, knowledgeable and proficient accountant working on your purchase ledgers, processing invoices and tracking purchases ensures accurate account monitoring. 

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