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Keeping track of your sales, finances and accounts receivable is essential for any company - whether you're a small business or a large enterprise. Not only does it help you to keep an accurate account of your turnover, but it also ensures that all customer payments are received on time and of the correct amount.

This ultimately protects and enhances the growth of your organisation. However, creating and maintaining a reliable, efficient sales ledger takes knowledge, skill and effort that not everybody possesses. 

Unless you have the time and expertise needed to oversee your company's sales and accounts receivable spreadsheet, it's definitely worth investing in a trained accountant or sales ledger clerk to supervise this important aspect of your company's accounting and bookkeeping duties. Thankfully, our sales ledger skills test allows you to find and recruit high-quality accounting candidates in no time. 

 Sales Ledger Test

What is a sales ledger skills test?

This skills test, part of our wider Accounting and Finance skills module, is designed to test an individual’s knowledge of sales ledger. It is an online exam that can be taken pre or post-employment as a way of gaining insight into your applicants' skills and proficiency within an accounting or bookkeeping (specifically sales ledger) role.

Candidates have 15 minutes to answer 25 questions. Each question covers essential practical and theoretical knowledge that may be required by an accountant overseeing your business' sales ledger. The assessment contains a variety of question styles including multiple-choice, freehand response, true or false and ranking. The responses are automatically marked and a point is awarded for each correct answer. Skipped questions or those that are not taken will result in no point being awarded.

Applicants also have the ability to take a practice test prior to completing the main assessment.

  • Practice test available
  • Randomised presentation
  • 15 minutes available
  • 12 minutes average completion time
  • 25 questions presented
  • 25 questions in pool

Who is the sales ledger skills test aimed at?

Just like all our skills tests, our Sales Ledger accounting test is a fantastic pre-employment tool for sourcing and recruiting high-quality accountants and financial accounting candidates. As a pre-employment test, this exam allows you to rapidly optimise your candidate pool to contain only highly-skilled, reliable applicants who are more likely to possess the desired aptitudes and accountancy skills to excel within the role.

As such, hiring managers and recruitment officers would find this accounting exam to be a highly useful and advantageous tool to integrate into their pre-existing recruitment strategy and a valuable asset to their company. Our testing software can seamlessly integrate with your existing system, so discovering a sought-after talent pool and onboarding using our sales ledger test couldn't be easier. 

 Sales Ledger Test

Skills Assessed

Candidates have 15 minutes to answer 25 questions. Each question covers essential practical and theoretical knowledge.

01 Knowledge

From basic questions about calculating VAT to tracking accounts receivable and payable, our Sales Ledger skills test is a fantastic way to measure and evaluate your applicants' levels of knowledge in accounts and finance operations. 

02 Financial Terminology

Our test contains questions that require your candidates to select the appropriate keyword or definition of financial terminology - from basic keywords to more high-level terms. 

03 Accuracy

Our online test only awards a point for each correct answer to a question. Therefore, you can be sure that your candidates' final scores accurately reflect their level of skill and knowledge when it comes to performing well in an accountant role. 

Why use a sales ledger skills test?

Enhance recruitment

Effective recruitment is a time-consuming and costly process; in fact, employers in the UK spend on average 27.5 days and £3,000 hiring a new employee. By using our skills test to streamline and optimise your candidate pool, you can effectively shortlist applicants who have the desired skills, abilities and aptitudes required for a role. This makes recruiting high-quality candidates easy and efficient. 

Accurate accounting

By using a skills test such as ours to highlight and recruit highly-skilled applicants from your talent pool, you ensure that your accounts, finances and bookkeeping are calculated accurately. Whether it's keeping track of sales, logging invoices or chasing customers when payments are not sent, having a skilled accountant and sales ledger clerk on your team helps your company to stay on track, maintain accurate records and maximise growth. 

Maintain customer satisfaction

No one enjoys being told that they haven't submitted payments on time or that their transactions haven't gone through when they actually have. Falsely accusing customers of this can seriously harm your company's reputation and business relationships. However, having a skilled, reliable sales ledger clerk on your team can maintain and enhance customer satisfaction through having an accurate record of transactions, invoices, money owed and completed sales. 

Avoid unnecessary expenses

Onboarding employees using expertly-designed skills tests such as ours ensures that your company succeeds and excels all without the need for unnecessary expenses, whether that be returning overpayments or forking out heaps of cash on expensive accounting software. It's truly a win-win. 

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