Call Centre Skills Test

At Skillsarena, we offer a variety of call centre skills tests, allowing employers to assess candidates' expertise in vital call centre duties such as transcribing, communication, and customer service.

Call centre assessment tests

Our assessments help employers identify top-performing candidates who possess the skills needed to excel in a fast-paced call centre environment.

A call centre test can serve as an effective tool during the hiring process, enabling employers to measures the candidate’s ability to maintain a good level of speed and accuracy when inputting data via audio. The test can be used for candidates with or without previous call centre experience, making it ideal for both entry-level and experienced candidates. Assessing essential call centre skills enables employers to make informed hiring decisions and build a strong team of customer service professionals.

Our call centre assessment test can be used to recruit call centre agents, customer service representatives and support staff across various industries, ensuring that your team is equipped to provide a high level of service and support to your customers.

  • Call Centre Agent
  • Call Centre Advisor
  • Telephone Advisor
  • Receptionist
  • Call Centre Team Leader

Call centre tests

Our call centre tests are designed to simulate the real-life scenarios encountered in a fast-paced call centre environment, assessing candidates’ abilities in a range of different areas. With seven different tests to choose from, employers can ensure that new hires are well-prepared to handle a diverse range of tasks.

Online Chat

15 Mins

Designed as a live role play test, the Online Chat assessment will gauge an individual’s ability to respond in a live, managing multiple chats at one time.

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Town Names

15 Mins

The Town Names test is designed to determine an individual’s capacity to quickly and efficiently input information from a recording into a digital address book focusing on a range of town names.

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Phonetic Alphabet

15 Mins

Use our phonetic alphabet skills assessment to test your candidate's knowledge of the NATO phonetic alphabet and optimise your hiring decisions.

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Situational Judgement

15 Mins

Situational judgment skills are crucial for call centre roles. Find out how our call centre situational judgment test can help with recruitment and training.

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Call Centre Conversation

15 Mins

Designed to evaluate a candidate's communication and comprehension skills, the call centre conversation test can inform your hiring decisions.

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Call Centre Advanced

15 Mins

Our Call Centre Advanced Tests are designed to evaluates senior staff's knowledge in customer service environment, testing a variety of important skills.

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Call Centre Basics

15 Mins

Find out how our call centre skills test can help you streamline your talent pool, boost productivity and enhance customer service in your call centre.

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Call Centre

What does call centre skills testing involve?

Call centre skills testing involves assessing candidates' proficiency in various aspects of call centre operations. With various tests available, ranging from Online Chat and Phonetic Alphabet to Situational Judgement and Call Centre Conversation, employers can evaluate candidates' abilities to handle customer inquiries and resolve issues efficiently in a high-pressure environment. Assessments may also gauge typing speed, accuracy, and multitasking skills essential for call centre roles.

Candidates will be presented with a number of questions which are designed to simulate real workplace environments. They will have a limited amount of time to complete them, testing their ability to perform under pressure and accurately respond to various scenarios. Practice tests are available for candidates looking for more preparation before the assessment.

Why should I use call centre tests?

Call centre skills tests offer employers a reliable method to assess candidates' suitability for roles which require excellent communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and the capacity to handle high-pressure situations efficiently. Candidates can take these tests remotely, providing convenience and flexibility for employers and applicants alike.

Gain insights to a candidate's key skills

By using our skills tests, you can guarantee that your company will improve hiring, selecting only the candidates with the most practice and best suited skills. If you’re an employer hiring for a position where capacities such as listening, transcribing, customer service, and good communication are required, these tests are for you. To see the tests in action, you can arrange a free demo at a time that suits you.

Call Centre Tests offer employers the most complete access to information about their prospective employees' range of abilities and talents, and are an excellent way to improve the hiring process, for call centre agents and beyond. Did you know we offer a large selection of other Skill Tests? For further information view our full library of tests.

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