Call Centre Advanced Test

Call Centre Advanced Test

Call centre agents sometimes encounter tricky situations that require advanced abilities and knowledge. These challenging scenarios can include situations where more information needs to be input or if the customer they're serving is speaking in an unfamiliar accent. Employees working within customer service need to have the necessary skills in order to serve a diverse customer base while providing an enhanced customer experience. This is why it's essential that employers hire applicants with strong communication, transcription, and interpretation skills.

 Call Centre Advanced Test

What is a Call Centre Advanced Test?

A Call Centre Advanced Test is part of our wider Call Centre skills module and is designed to be more advanced than the other tests in this module. This skills test measures an individual's communication skills as well as their ability to quickly and accurately input data from audio form into digital form. Applicants will be evaluated based on their speed and accuracy as they do a task transcribing data into digital format. This test can be used as both a pre-employment screening tool for potential hires, to evaluate the abilities and performance of existing employees, or as part of employees' training in new skills.

In this assessment, the candidate will be presented with several audio files that contain phone conversations resembling real scenarios you would find in a customer service setting. The audio files differ from our more basic call centre skills tests as they will feature a wider range of accents. The candidates will also be presented with more forms to fill out as they interpret the audio files. To complete the task, they will be expected to fill out as many as they can within a 15 minute time frame. Each correct response will be awarded with one point and any errors in typing will result in no point being awarded for the section containing the error.

Who is the Call Centre Advanced Test aimed at?

The Call Centre Advanced test is designed for customer service staff working from call centres, particularly those who are applying for or working within more senior positions. This assessment will evaluate an individual's call centre specific knowledge and technical skills as well as their capacity for developing soft skills such as empathy and communication. This more advanced test is also useful for call centre employees who will be expected to help larger, more diverse customer bases and are learning new skills on the job.

Employers can use this assessment either as a training aid for their existing employees or as a helpful pre-employment screening tool. Current employees are able to use this assessment to measure their existing skills and assess which skills they would need further training for. They can also use the practice tests feature as an easy-to-use training course to help them with their learning and development.

In terms of recruitment, employers can integrate this skills assessment early on in the hiring process as a way of assessing applicants and their abilities. By evaluating applicants early on in the process, employers can filter out those with low skill levels and begin making more accurate hires.

 Call Centre Advanced Test

Skills Assessed

Candidates have 15 minutes to answer 25 questions. Each question covers essential practical and theoretical knowledge.

01 Transcribing competency

Call centre employees are required to have high levels of transcription skills. These types of customer service roles involve using IT equipment to transcribe large amounts of information into the appropriate databases. Ensuring your employees have the right levels of IT literacy and transcribing abilities means employers don't have to worry about providing further technical call centre training.

02 Speed

This assessment also measures how quickly an individual responds to situations and inputs data. Speed is essential for customer service roles, especially when large numbers of customers are looking for support. The last thing your customers want is to be waiting on hold on the phone for hours. Training your customer experience team to handle work more quickly can help reduce a company's backlog and maintain customer satisfaction.

03 Accuracy

Candidates for customer service positions must also maintain high levels of accuracy when inputting and transcribing data. Call centre employees are often required to multitask and transcribe large amounts of information while speaking to customers. Learning to maintain accuracy whilst doing so is essential for sustaining high quality customer service so it's important to look out for new hires with a proficiency in accurate data input.

Why use a Call Centre Advanced Test?

Streamlined hiring process

The Call Centre Advanced test, along with our other skills tests and assessments, is a great way for employers to streamline their recruitment process. A job vacancy can sometimes receive hundreds of applicants, but a large portion of them might not even have the skills necessary for the role. Using this assessment as part of your pre-employment screening means you filter out those who do not exhibit practical skills, which will result in a stronger candidate pool and more accurate hires.

Enhanced employee training

Our online skills tests feature practice tests which candidates can take as many times as they wish while learning more skills along the way. With our skills tests and assessments, employers can create more efficient training courses as they don't require hiring out external call centre training sites or coaching staff, making learning on the job as simple as turning on a laptop.

Strengthen customer relationships

Customer service employees are the bridge between a company and their audience, which is why it's essential that call centre agents have the right levels of empathy, communication, and transcription skills. Our assessment will help make sure you're hiring the most capable applicants and constantly monitoring and strengthening your existing team's abilities. With this, employers can rest assured that their brand's customer experience is in good hands.

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