Call Centre Basic Skill Test

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If you run a call centre, you'll be familiar with the challenges you face. From extraordinary volumes of candidate applications to high staff turnover and training requirements - all whilst trying to provide excellent communication and customer service through a telephone - working in a call centre is not an easy task.

One of the most fundamental skills that an individual working in a call centre must possess is the ability to quickly and accurately transcribe audio information. This goes a long way in providing excellent customer service, dealing with customer requests effectively and ensuring that the whole interaction goes smoothly, from greeting to farewell.

With our call centre basic skills test, you have the opportunity to assess the transcription and communication skills of your candidate pool and identify the best individuals for your team. Continue reading to see how you can easily apply our skills assessment to maximise your call centre team's potential.

Call Centre Basic Skill Test

What is The Call Centre Basic Skill Test?

This candidate skills assessment test allows you to evaluate a candidate's ability to transcribe audio information into a digital form, just like typing up essential information in a real-life customer call. Candidates are measured on their speed, practice, skill and accuracy when transcribing the audio data and a final result is provided which represents their overall skill and knowledge of this basic call centre process. 

Candidates are presented with as many forms to complete as possible within the 5 minute test time. Their responses are automatically marked and an error when typing will result in no point being awarded for the whole section containing the error.

Our basic skills assessment is ideal for evaluating entry-level call centre skills such as active listening, typing speed and transcription accuracy. However, if you're looking to find more advanced candidates, we also offer an advanced call centre skills test. 

  • Practice test available
  • 5 minutes allowed
  • 5 minutes average completion time
  • 60 questions in pool

Who is The Call Centre Basic Skill Test Aimed At?

This assessment is aimed at employers or hiring managers of call centre roles including customer service agents, call centre representatives, emergency call handlers or telephone sales assistants.

It can be used by employers to sift through hundreds of candidate applications and narrow down the talent pool to those individuals with the key skills and experience required of a successful call centre agent. 

As well as being essential for the pre-employment stage, this assessment would make a fantastic tool for staff training and development, and as such, would be a valuable resource for call centre team leaders, managers and employees alike.

Call Centre Basic Skill Test

Skills Assessed

Candidates have 15 minutes to answer 25 questions. Each question covers essential practical and theoretical knowledge.

01 Speed

In a busy, fast-paced call centre environment, speed is crucial when handling customer calls, dealing with requests and recording essential information. Our skills test provides a rapid and accurate assessment of your candidate's typing speed when transcribing audio information, thus reflecting their ability to quickly record important data from a real-life customer telephone interaction. 

02 Accuracy

When recording customer information, it is absolutely essential to ensure that their details are inputted into your customer relationship management (CRM) platform accurately. Errors - no matter how small - can hinder productivity, damage the company-customer relationship, prevent sales and diminish profit. To help you prevent this from happening within your business, our skills test provides an accuracy score that reflects the number of errors your candidate made during the transcription process, if any. 

03 Multitasking

A fundamental skill for any call centre employee is the ability to multitask and be flexible, not only in the number of calls and administrative work needing to be completed but also on the call itself. Transcribing audio information requires the individual to listen attentively, process what they're hearing and type the information both quickly and accurately - a lot of work to do at once. By comparing both our typing speed and accuracy scores, you gain a realistic insight into your candidates' multitasking abilities. 

Why Use a Call Centre Basic Skill Test?

Improve Hiring Decisions

Our call centre skills test streamlines your recruitment process by allowing you to identify candidates with high levels of typing speed and transcription accuracy. You can save time, energy and money - and make smarter hiring decisions - by focusing your attention on interviewing and onboarding only the most highly skilled and experienced applicants. 

Enhance Customer Service

By allowing you to fill your team with skilled, experienced call centre staff, you can reduce unnecessary errors that tarnish your company-customer relationship. Your customers will have a smooth journey and overall enhanced customer experience, which keeps them satisfied and loyal to your business.

Boost Productivity

Similarly, by using our skills assessment to recruit fast, accurate call centre agents, you will reduce unnecessary errors and maximise your team's productivity. This heightened productivity can lead to increased lead generation, customer satisfaction, word-of-mouth recommendations, sales, scalability and profit. 

Develop Existing Skills

As well as being a vital tool in the pre-employment stage of recruitment, our skills test can be extremely useful for developing the typing speed and accuracy skills of your pre-existing call centre staff, allowing you to take advantage of all the above benefits without the cost and stress of recruiting more employees. 

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