Call Centre Conversation Test

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The Call Centre Conversation test is designed to evaluate an individual’s capacity to listen to a telephone conversation and take note of relevant information from the customer. It measures the candidate’s capacity to record audio data effectively, consistently and accurately, as well as speed of completion, and communication skills, based on a series of realistic recordings of workplace scenarios.

 Call Centre Conversation Test

What is a Call Centre Conversation Test?

This Call Centre Conversation Test is designed to assess a candidate's ability to listen to a telephone conversation and take note of all important information in a customer service setting. They will need to use their communication, comprehension, and data input skills for this assessment. With customer service based call centre roles, candidates need to have the ability to note information effectively, consistently, and accurately while also being time efficient. 

In the assessment, candidates will be presented with a series of telephone conversations played through audio files. These telephone conversations, instead of asking traditional questions, will resemble scenarios you might expect to encounter while working at a call centre. They will include basic customer information such as name, date, address, and credit card information. The candidates will then be required to input the relevant information until the time has run out. These responses are then automatically evaluated based on their speed and accuracy. Any errors when typing will result in no point being awarded for the entire section which contains the error. 

  • Practice test available
  • Randomised presentation
  • 15 minutes available
  • 60 questions in pool

Who is the Call Centre Conversation Test aimed at?

The Call Centre Conversation Test is aimed at call centre agents who work in customer service and general customer facing roles. This assessment is useful as it can be difficult for employers and HR leaders to obtain a solid metric that measures their employees' skill levels. By using this assessment, employers will be able to assess their employees' skill sets and use this information to optimise workforce productivity.

This skills test can also be used by employers as a form of pre-employment testing. It can be difficult for hiring managers to assess a candidate's experience and skill level outside of a practical setting. Practical skills assessments such as our Call Centre Conversation Test streamline this process for companies as they help recruiters understand how applicants would perform in real-life customer service related situations, which in turn reflects how well they would perform at the job. Eliminating this element of guesswork from the recruitment process will lead to more accurate hires for these types of jobs.

 Call Centre Conversation Test

Skills Assessed

Candidates have 15 minutes to answer 25 questions. Each question covers essential practical and theoretical knowledge.

01 Audio comprehension

It's essential that applicants for call centre based roles have high levels of audio comprehension. This is especially true for call centre agents who provide customer service for the company. Employees and candidates with sufficient audio comprehension competency will be able to understand and input information effectively. 

02 Speed

When conversing with a customer, call centre agents are required to input information at a consistently high speed. This is to ensure that customers' needs are met efficiently while also helping to increase the call centre's overall productivity levels. In this assessment, candidates are given marks based on how quickly they interpret and assess informat

03 Accuracy

Being able to accurately input data is a crucial skill for customer service roles, especially those based out of call centres. Inaccurate data collection can lead to incorrect information being conveyed to the customer and therefore a lower customer satisfaction rate. By hiring candidates who can maintain high levels of accuracy during customer interactions, companies will be more likely to have higher rates of customer satisfaction and retention.

Why use a Call Centre Conversation Test?

Reduced bias in hiring

By implementing our Call Centre Conversation test, hiring managers will be able to streamline the recruitment process and make more accurate hiring decisions. Using this skills test as part of the job application process lets recruiters see the applicants' skills in action, rather than just relying on CV's and cover letters. By removing other external elements that could appeal to any biases, you'll be minimising the effect unconscious bias has on your recruitment while also making more accurate hires thanks to the job candidates' objective test results.

Efficient employee training

This test can also be used as a way to train your company's existing workforce. Our Call Centre Conversation Test features practice assessments which candidates can take as many times as they like before they take the final test. During these repeated practice sessions, they will be able to obtain new skills in a practical setting. Employers will also benefit from this as using skills assessments as a training aid reduces the overall cost of employee training. Our tests do not require candidates to travel to external assessment centres or for employers to hire additional trainers, thereby creating a more efficient development programme.

Maintain customer satisfaction

Having low-skilled customer service staff can seriously harm a company's reputation. It's crucial that employers make the right hires for customer facing jobs in order to maintain customer satisfaction and relationships. By using the Call Centre Conversation Test, employers will be able to monitor your workforce's strengths and weaknesses in order to make more informed business decisions and strengthen customer relationships.

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