Clerical skills tests

Clerical aptitude tests are a great way to assess core skills candidates need to perform in a clerical position, or any position that requires the carrying out of administrative duties.

Clerical aptitude tests

Any occupation that requires proficiency in organisation, such as clerks, receptionists, secretaries and personal assistants, would benefit from having these abilities tested through one of our Clerical Tests.

With these aptitude tests, you can easily improve your recruitment process by assessing an applicant’s answers to check how well-suited they are to the role that you are recruiting for.

  • Administrator
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Data Entry Keyer
  • Receptionist
  • Office Administrator
  • PA

Skills Tests

These aptitude test questions assess an employee, or potential employee's ability in areas related clerical and administrative roles and allows employers to determine which candidates have the required skills for the tasks at hand.

Clerical Filing

15 Mins

Clerical teams are the heart of any workplace. Those day-to-day tasks such as scheduling meetings, answering calls, entering data and filing documents help keep your business ticking along efficiently.

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Sorting and Coding

15 Mins

Find out how you can assess your applicants' clerical and administrative skills with our expertly designed Sorting & Coding skills test.

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Matching Test

15 Mins

The Matching Test is an aptitude test build to assess an individual's ability to retail information and show attention to detail.

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Data Entry

5 Mins

Find out how you can accurately assess your candidate's clerical skills and typing abilities using our expertly designed clerical data entry skills test.

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What are clerical aptitude tests?

The aptitude tests available as part of this module are all related in that they check an individual’s aptitude for carrying out organisational practices. However, the individual tests available are highly distinctive from one another. Practices such as data entry, sorting, coding, filing and matching cannot be easily assessed as part of the standard interview process, so ensuring that candidates excel in these areas prior to inviting them to interview is extremely important.

The Clerical skills test module has been designed to test candidates' ability at completing a wide range of tasks relating to clerical and administrative roles. This module assesses basic computer skills and mixes in detail orientation, organisation, and critical thinking, along with verbal and written communication. All these are examples of necessary clerical skills that are required to ensure that an organisation runs smoothly, efficiently and productively.

Why should I use clerical tests?

If you’re hiring for a clerical role, then our specific clerical skill tests are exactly what you need to ensure that your job applicants have what it takes, before getting to the interview stage, and eventually recruitment.

Are these tests used just for recruitment purposes?

Our administrative assessments are quick, efficient and will give you the confidence to make smarter hiring decisions. However, they are not only effective as part of recruitment processes. If you are hoping to re-train your existing employees, having your current team take one or more of these tests will provide them with the relevant administrative and clerical skills they need to improve their day-to-day work.