Clerical Skills Test

At Skillsarena, we offer a range of clerical skills tests to allow you to assess candidates’ proficiency in various clerical tasks, ranging from filing and data entry to sorting coding. Our clerical aptitude test can help you identify candidates who possess the necessary skills and expertise required for success in various clerical or administrative roles.

Clerical aptitude tests

Skillsarena’s online clerical test can help employers find suitable candidates for roles such as clerks, receptionists, secretaries, and personal assistants. Any position that requires strong skills in clerical or administrative tasks can benefit from the insights provided by our tests.

Our clerical ability test can streamline your recruitment process by allowing you to assess candidates' skills in areas such as data entry, organisation, and attention to detail. This approach allows you to identify top candidates for clerical roles quickly and effectively.

  • Administrator
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Data Entry Keyer
  • Receptionist
  • Office Administrator
  • PA

Skills Tests

These aptitude test questions assess an employee, or potential employee's ability in areas related clerical and administrative roles and allows employers to determine which candidates have the required skills for the tasks at hand.

Clerical Filing

15 Mins

Clerical teams are the heart of any workplace. Those day-to-day tasks such as scheduling meetings, answering calls, entering data and filing documents help keep your business ticking along efficiently.

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Sorting and Coding

15 Mins

Find out how you can assess your applicants' clerical and administrative skills with our expertly designed Sorting & Coding skills test.

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Matching Test

15 Mins

The Matching Test is an aptitude test build to assess an individual's ability to retail information and show attention to detail.

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Data Entry

5 Mins

Find out how you can accurately assess your candidate's clerical skills and typing abilities using our expertly designed clerical data entry skills test.

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Clerical Skills Test

What is a clerical aptitude test?

A clerical aptitude test, also known as an admin aptitude test, can evaluate an individual’s proficiency in various clerical and administrative tasks. Skills in filing, data entry, sorting, coding and matching can all be assessed by these tests, making them useful for recruiting for a variety of roles ranging from receptionists and secretaries to office clerks. Such skills can’t be easily assessed through traditional CVs or interviews alone, with an admin skills test helping to measure candidates' capabilities much more accurately.

By asking candidates to take a clerical test online as part of the hiring process, you can ensure they possess the abilities needed to succeed in administrative positions within your organisation. At Skillsarena, we enable your candidates to take an admin test online, allowing them to be assessed from wherever they are. This not only accommodates candidates’ schedules and locations but streamlines the hiring process, ensuring a seamless experience for all involved.

Why should I use clerical tests?

A clerical skills test can enable you to identify candidates who possess the necessary administrative skills required for roles within your organisation. This ensures that you're hiring individuals with the expertise needed to handle the demands of clerical tasks efficiently and effectively.

Are these tests used just for recruitment purposes?

Our administrative assessments are quick, efficient and will give you the confidence to make smarter hiring decisions. However, they are not only effective as part of recruitment processes. If you are hoping to re-train your existing employees, having your current team take one or more of these tests will provide them with the relevant administrative and clerical skills they need to improve their day-to-day work.

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