Data Entry Test

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Fast, accurate and precise data entry is one of the most vital skills for anyone working in a clerical role. The ability to accurately type verbal or non-verbal presented data, often without directly looking at the keyboard, is a clerical skill that takes time and patience to master.

An average person's speed when typing is roughly between 38-40 words per minute (WPM). However, typists and clerical staff should ideally score between 50-60 WPM on a data entry/clerical typing test.

In order to help your team excel at typing, data entry and clerical skills, you need to have a reliable way of accurately assessing and evaluating an individual's level of skill within these tasks. That's where our clerical data entry assessment comes in.

Data Entry Test

What is The Clerical Data Entry Test?

Our data entry test has been specifically designed to assess and evaluate essential clerical skills including typing speed, accuracy and computer skills (such as knowledge of the keyboard layout). The main element of the assessment involves a typing test. This requires candidates to transcribe on-screen data into the space provided until a 5-minute timer runs out. In doing so, the task mimics the process of typing out a form or address book - a fundamental clerical skill. 

Candidates are scored on their ability to conduct the data entry with speed and accuracy. At the end of the task, they will receive a final score of their typing speed in figures known as words per minute (WPM) and keystrokes per hour (KPH). They will also receive a % accuracy score depending on the number of errors made during the data entry task. An error when typing will result in a point being deducted from the final score. These final numbers will provide a rapid and efficient assessment of your candidates' skills and proficiency to perform well in a clerical role. 

  • Practice test available
  • Randomised presentation
  • 5 minutes available
  • 1 question presented

Who is The Clerical Data Entry Test Aimed At?

This assessment is suitable for measuring the clerical skills and typing proficiency of anyone who needs to perform data entry within their job role. This could include a data entry clerk, transcriptionist, receptionist, office clerk, administrative assistant or emergency call handler.

Hiring managers and employers can make use of our clerical data entry test to optimise and streamline their recruitment processes. Whether you're looking to fill an entry-level position or employ experienced clerical workers, having your candidates complete pre-employment typing tests is the best way to gain insight into their clerical skills, experience and abilities before recruiting them. This way, you can be sure that you are making informed, smart hiring decisions that benefit both your wider team and overall business.

Data Entry Test

Skills Assessed

Candidates have 15 minutes to answer 25 questions. Each question covers essential practical and theoretical knowledge.

01 Speed

Numbers don't lie. Our test provides an accurate assessment of your candidate's typing speed using a words per minute (WPM) and keystrokes per hour (KPH) score.

02 Accuracy

When it comes to data entry, accuracy and precision are everything. Errors - no matter how small - can impact a business' success and have damaging consequences personally, professionally and even legally. Our data entry skills test displays an easy-to-read accuracy score which reflects the number of errors made during the task.

03 Computer Skills

In today's digital world, computer skills are a must-have for everyone. As a clerical worker, thorough knowledge of a computer keyboard layout is essential for rapid typing and precise transcription. Combining your candidate's WPM and KPH scores with their accuracy percentage will give you a valuable indication of their knowledge and understanding of vital computer skills.

04 Multi-tasking

Clerical jobs require the ability to read, process and comprehend text and then type it up without directly looking at the keyboard. This level of multi-tasking is an essential skill that allows employees to perform high-level clerical and administrative duties. 

Why Use A Clerical Data Entry Test?

Reduce Errors

Small errors have a big impact. In fast-paced clerical environments, mistakes, errors and typos can easily occur - but they can also cost an employer time, money and their reputation. When utilising a data entry typing test such as ours, you easily cut out catastrophic errors by filling your team with professional, competent and detail-oriented individuals who have the right typing and clerical skills for the job. 

Improve Hiring Decisions

When used at the pre-employment recruitment stage, our skills test can help you assess candidates, identify individuals with the best skills and sift through hundreds of applications, making recruitment much more cost and time-effective. Help your company to excel by recruiting the best people for your clerical jobs.

Maximise Productivity

Every business wants to maximise their productivity levels - and it's not hard to see why. Enhanced productivity leads to greater efficiency, lead generation, employee motivation, sales, scalability and profit. By using our clerical skills test to narrow down your talent pool, you allow yourself to access candidates with the fastest and most accurate typing skills who can keep up with and maximise your business' productivity levels. 

Develop Employee Skills

Our skills test isn't just great for streamlining your recruitment process - it can also be a great way of developing and enhancing the skills of your current workforce. Challenge your clerical team to regularly practice with our test as a way of evaluating and improving their typing abilities. It will be a powerful motivation tool.

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