Clerical Filing Test

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Our clerical skills aptitude test is designed to assess an individual’s ability to recognise and organise data in alphabetical, chronological or numerical order. Candidates are presented with a variety of on-screen question styles including ranking, fill in the blanks and multiple-choice question styles. Three subject areas are available: alphabetical ordering only, numerical ordering only and comprehensive which is a combined test for alphabetical, chronological and numerical filing.

During the assessment, candidates are presented with 15 questions to complete in 15 minutes. Their responses are automatically marked and a point is awarded for each correctly answered question. For some questions, multiple answers may be required, in which case the sum of these answers will result in one point awarded for the question. Skipped questions or those that are not taken will result in no point being awarded.

Clerical Filing Test

What are clerical filing skills tests?

Clerical teams are the heart of any workplace. Those day-to-day tasks such as scheduling meetings, answering calls, entering data and filing documents help keep your business ticking along efficiently. For this reason, it's fundamental to invest the proper time and resources into recruiting the best clerical workers for your team.

One particularly key clerical skill is filing. Strong filing skills require the ability to rapidly and accurately assess what documents need to go where, practice effective organisational skills and separate data into relevant, specific areas. As such, here at Skillsarena, we have developed an aptitude test that allows for fast, effective and reliable filing skills assessment for your business. 

  • Practice test available
  • Randomised presentation
  • 15 minutes available
  • 3 minutes average completion time
  • 15 questions presented

Who is The Clerical Filing Skills Test Aimed At?

Clerical skills are an integral part of most workplaces and job positions. The ability to organise your data, time and workflow effectively, schedule meetings, maintain excellent communication skills and possess competent computer skills are highly sought after by any employer.

Our clerical filing skills test is ideal for employers looking to assess their candidates' clerical skills and abilities at a pre-employment testing stage. Due to the three different assessment areas available (alphabetical order only, numerical order only or comprehensive) the tasks can easily be used to assess both entry-level job candidates and more advanced applicants.

Moreover, employers can incorporate our filing ability test into their existing on-the-job training as a way of maintaining and enhancing the clerical abilities and filing skills of their current employees. Allowing your employees to practice their skills via an online platform such as ours is an easy and effective way of retaining proficient skills within your clerical team.  

Clerical Filing Test

Skills Assessed

Candidates have 15 minutes to answer 25 questions. Each question covers essential practical and theoretical knowledge.

01 Organisation

The tasks within the skills test involve ordering files and conducting data entry based on alphabetical, chronological and/or numerical order. As such, candidates will need to demonstrate a high level of organisational skills which are essential for clerical work.

02 Decision-making

Quick decision-making is vital when it comes to working in a clerical or administrative position. Our skills test allows candidates to put their decision-making skills into practice by separating a series of files into alphabetical, chronological and/or numerical order as quickly as possible.

03 Filing Accuracy

Accurate filing and data entry is a fundamental task for every clerical officer or administrative assistant. As such, our skills test gives you a reliable assessment of this hard skill by providing you with a final score at the end of the test which reflects how many files were accurately organised into the correct order.

Why Use a Clerical Filing Skills Test?

Improved Hiring Decisions

Say goodbye to wasting time, money and resources on unsuccessful hires. By measuring key soft and hard skills required for clerical workers and administrative roles, our pre-employment clerical skills test allows you to quickly and easily identify candidates who meet the exact requirements of the job description for your latest clerical job opening. As such, our aptitude test allows employers and hiring managers to make informed, intelligent and reliable hiring decisions.

Maximise Workplace Productivity

Filing is an essential clerical skill and everyday responsibility of any clerical role. It's also one that can hinder your company's organisation, workflow and productivity if done badly. By allowing you to find highly-skilled, reliable candidates for your clerical positions, our clerical skills test can help your team excel whilst ensuring maximum proficiency and productivity every day of the week.

Improved Time Management

An organised and reliable clerical team means less time wasted on avoidable delays or fixing clerical errors. By using our skills test to recruit dependable and proficient clerical workers, you can upgrade your business' time management and continue to boost productivity.

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