English Language Tests Online

At Skillsarena, we provide carefully curated English tests to allow employers to identify candidates who are proficient in the English language.

What do our English tests involve?

An English literacy test at Skillsarena includes a comprehensive assessment of a candidate’s language proficiency. Carried out online, the test allows an employer to measure their use of the English language, ensuring that it is accurate, fluent and aligned with professional standards. Our assessments encompass various aspects such as grammar, spelling, vocabulary and proofreading, providing a rounded view of the candidate's language skills.

Our assessments are ideal for organisations in various industries, ranging from IT and finance to healthcare and hospitality. Whether your industry requires clear and concise communication in customer service, technical expertise, or managerial roles, our English language tests offer a comprehensive impression of a candidate’s level of literacy, allowing you to ensure that it meets the required standard.

  • Copy Editor
  • Administrator
  • Personal Assistant
  • Proofreader
  • Journalist

Skills Tests

These tests offer a quick and efficient way for you to track progress in relation to testees' literacy; you can see just how well your current or potential employees have performed.


Our proofreading skills assessment ensures that your company only selects job candidates with high literacy levels, who can proofread and edit effectively.

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English Vocabulary skills tests are used to assess a candidate's vocabulary and their ability to use appropriate vocabulary in a professional setting.

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Reading Comprehension

How good are your candidates at comprehension? Find out with the Skillsarena reading comprehension test which evaluates applicants' levels of comprehension.

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The English Grammar skills test, is a pre-employment assessment used to ensure candidates have the appropriate level of grammar skills for a work setting.

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Evaluate the spelling abilities of your candidates with the online English spelling test for adults from Skillsarena.

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  • Hundreds of pre-built tests available
  • Excellent UK customer service team
  • Seamless software integrations
  • Full Microsoft application simulations
  • Industry specific skills testing
  • New! video interviews

Simplify your recruitment process with an English test

Whatever role you’re recruiting for, it’s vital that candidates have proficient English language skills to be able to effectively communicate and collaborate within your organisation. Adequate reading and writing abilities are essential for clear communication, understanding instructions, and efficient documentation within the workplace. 

By asking candidates to take our English literacy test online, you can evaluate these crucial skills, ensuring they possess the necessary proficiency to thrive in their roles. When you integrate our English proficiency test into your recruitment process, you gain a detailed understanding of candidates’ language capabilities, enabling you to make informed decisions swiftly. You can avoid wasting significant amounts of time interviewing applicants whose English skills aren’t at the required level for the role. 

Why choose our English literacy tests online?

More and more organisations are choosing Skillsarena when they require an English assessment test they can trust. There are many reasons to opt for our tests when you need to evaluate candidates’ English language skills.

Why customers choose us

A wide range of English tests. Skillsarena offers a comprehensive selection of English tests, allowing you to evaluate various aspects of candidates’ English literacy skills. Whether you need assessments for grammar, vocabulary or reading comprehension, our range of tests ensures a complete evaluation of candidates’ abilities.

Dedicated UK-based customer service team. Our UK-based customer service team is on hand to address your queries or concerns promptly and efficiently guaranteeing a smooth and hassle-free testing experience for you and your candidates when they’re taking an English test online.

Free demo and trial. Experience our English tests first-hand with our free demo and trial options. Explore our assessments in detail and find out how they can integrate seamlessly into your recruitment process. This allows you to make an informed decision before committing to our services.

Proven track record. Skillsarena is trusted by many organisations throughout the UK, showcasing a solid track record of delivering high-quality English literacy tests.

Check your candidates have the required skills

Would you like to be 100% certain that your applicants have the literacy skill they claim to have? No matter what the position is, an employee will need to be able to effectively communicate with other employees during their working day.

Enhance your selection process

Testing the literacy skills of your applicants during the selection process will make for a more effective face-to-face interview. Your mind will be put at ease, as you will know that your potential employee has the right level of literacy to be considered for the job.

Save time and effort; Improve your filter process

When recruiting from a large candidate pool, putting your applicants through a literacy assessment online will allow you to effectively filter candidates to only qualify those who have the levels of literacy that you are looking for. By using the assessments above, huge amounts of time that would usually be spent interviewing unqualified applicants will effectively be saved.

Choose from a wide range of literacy skills tests

When hiring for a position requiring literacy skills, our English Literacy tests are just what you need. You can choose between the Grammar Skill Test, Spelling Skill Test, Vocabulary Skill Test, Reading Comprehension Skill Test, or Proofreading Skill Test. Alternatively, you can use all of the skill tests within this module to assess literacy.

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