Grammar Assessment

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Our pre-employment Grammar Assessment is a test of recognising and utilising the correct grammatical form, such as correct use of punctuation and sentence structure. In this assessment, test-takers are required to complete a variety of question styles. These include true or false statements, multiple choice questions, and others. As part of the assessment, candidates will be required to understand grammar principles and constructs, communicate in written form, recognise the correct semantic usage of words and more.

Grammar Assessment

What is the English grammar test?

English grammar is an important and undervalued skill which is not only relevant for technical writers. Grammar tests can act as a great English communication performance predictor, and with the increase in digital communication in a large number of jobs, writing ability is more important than ever. 

Grammar tests can highlight many areas that are highly valued in the workplace. For example, attention to detail is a skill that can be judged based on an employee’s attention to grammar and vocabulary.

Furthermore, English grammar tests are a reliable way of assessing a candidate’s reading comprehension, spelling and use of English vocabulary. During the tests, candidates are presented with a range of questions formulated to assess their ability to recognise and utilise correct grammatical forms.

By answering a variety of questions including true or false statements and multiple-choice questions, candidates are able to showcase skills that are required across a range of different jobs. This grammar test will consist of questions on sentence structure, focusing on the arrangement of clauses in both simple and complex sentences. This test will also assess a candidate’s ability to differentiate between a fragment and an imperative accurately, identifying and correcting mistakes to create a complete sentence.

  • Practice test available
  • Randomised presentation
  • 15 minutes available
  • 12 minutes average completion time
  • 30 questions presented
  • 240 questions in pool

Who is the English Grammar Test aimed at?

Grammar is not only an important aspect of writing jobs. While necessary for copywriters, journalists and editors, English grammar tests are relevant for a much wider scope of professions. From as early on as the application stage, an employee’s grammar is being assessed and their use of the English written word is being taken into account.

In any profession, grammatical errors create confusion and can result in misunderstandings with clients and even in-house between colleagues. Professions such as clerical/administrative assistants, secretaries, receptionists, sales representatives and customer service representatives all use written English and can all benefit from grammar tests.

At the Fundamental level, candidates are tested on their ability to create sentences and spot errors in grammar, while at the Core and Professional levels, the difficulty is increased incrementally, raising the complexity and rarity of grammatical errors.

Presented with 30 questions to complete in 15 minutes, candidates’ responses are automatically marked and a point is awarded for each correct answer. Some questions in the English grammar test require more than one answer, however, these questions still amount to one point being awarded. Skipped questions or those that are not answered will result in no point being awarded.

Grammar Assessment

Three levels available

There are three different levels of grammar tests available, and each test is suited to test a different ability level. The test levels are Fundamental, Core and Professional. Each level increases in difficulty and expands on the test criteria from the previous level as well as covering new material.

01 Fundamental

This test requires candidates to understand the basic principles of grammar and demonstrate that they can effectively communicate in the English written Language.

Any candidate taking the Fundamental level of this Grammar test is expected to have a foundation level knowledge of a GCSE graduate.

02 Core

This test requires candidates to understand the principles of correct grammatical form at a higher level and show that they are able to recognise the correct use of words to complete phrases and form complex sentences.

Any candidate taking the Core Level of this Grammar test is expected to have a knowledge level aligned with a higher-level GCSE graduate.

03 Professional

The top-level grammar test requires candidates to understand advanced grammatical constructs such as past, present and future tenses. This grammar test builds on elements of the Core level by increasing the difficulty of legibility of sentences and the complexity of the vocabulary used.

Any candidate taking the Professional level test is expected to perform with the knowledge of an A-Level graduate.

Why use a Grammar Test?

Improve on company credibility

The importance of the correct use of written language is often underestimated as many believe that this is a skill that is only desirable for a limited number of roles. Our grammar tests help to ensure a high level of language competency which in turn reflects on company credibility when communicating with clients and colleagues.

Grammar tests assess a candidate’s ability to effectively transmit information, no matter the level of the employee, and are relevant from entry-level jobs to graduate positions.

By using a pre-employment grammar test, companies can save on training costs. An individual’s first impression is often made through written communication and so this should be a very highly valued skill.

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