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The Vocabulary Skill Test is designed to test an individual’s ability to use a wide range of vocabulary. As part of this specific literacy test, candidates are required to identify antonyms, synonyms, definitions and rhyming pairs. By answering multiple-choice questions, those taking the test will need to demonstrate a vocabulary that includes words used daily within the workplace, those used in professional writing, and those that form part of formal writing.

There are three levels of the English vocabulary test available, each multiple-choice quiz is used to test different levels of ability. These quiz levels are Fundamental, Core and Professional. The more challenging levels will cover new material and expand on exam criteria from previous levels.

Vocabulary Assessments

What is the English Vocabulary test?

The English language can be used in many ways, however, the broadness of a person’s vocabulary can be a window into their verbal aptitude and ability in the workplace. As written English language skills are essential in any job, the English vocabulary assessment can give more insight into an individual’s job compatibility than a face-to-face interview. 

This English vocabulary test has been designed to assess an individual’s ability to utilise a wide range of vocabulary. Questions are presented in a multiple-choice quiz style and candidates will be required to show that they can correctly identify definitions as well as antonyms, synonyms and rhyming pairs. Candidates will also have to identify missing words and effectively complete sentences.

The difficulty of each vocabulary assessment increases with every level. Starting from the Fundamental level and progressing to Core level and then Professional level, each assessment draws on criteria from the previous level and varies in obscurity and relevance of the quiz options to the given words.

Presented with 30 questions and 15 minutes in which to complete them, candidates’ responses are automatically marked. A point is awarded for every correct answer, but if a question is skipped or answered incorrectly, it will result in no points being added.

Who is the English Vocabulary Test aimed at?

English vocabulary is associated with many general skills and it can be beneficial in a range of jobs. An employer may wish to use this aptitude test when they are looking to hire new employees, and some candidates starting a new job can also use this to test themselves or practice to improve their previous score.

Good vocabulary can make communication with people at any level more effective and coherent. As a pre-employment assessment, this test can give an employer insight into an individual’s potential ability.

English proficiency is a key skill in many professions and is a great performance predictor. Many roles such as clerical and administrative assistants, paralegals and legal assistants, office managers, technical assistants, and technical writers require a well-rounded knowledge of English vocabulary.

Vocabulary Assessments

Skills Assessed

Candidates have 15 minutes to answer 25 questions. Each question covers essential practical and theoretical knowledge.

01 Fundamental

At this level, candidates are required to demonstrate correct use of vocabulary that is used daily in the workplace. The candidate is not expected to answer more advanced questions.

Any candidate taking the Fundamental level test is expected to have vocabulary knowledge equal to that of a GCSE graduate.

02 Core

At this test level, candidates are required to demonstrate use of vocabulary that would typically be used in most, if not all, professional writing.

Any candidate taking the Core level test is expected to have vocabulary knowledge equal to that of a higher level GCSE graduate.

03 Professional

At this level, candidates are expected to have extensive knowledge of vocabulary that would be used in formal writing. There can be repercussions if not demonstrated correctly. This test incorporates and builds on both the Fundamental and Core level tests by including words of cultural significance that may be encountered in a more diverse work environment.

Any candidate taking the Professional level test is expected to demonstrate vocabulary knowledge in line with that of an A-Level graduate.

Why use an English Vocabulary Test?

Improved employee selection

English vocabulary tests are used to assess the ability to communicate effectively both verbally and through the written word. Being a good indicator of cognitive aptitude, these tests aid in employee selection and can also be a good way to assess reading comprehension.

Improve problem-solving skills and critical thinking

Cognitive aptitude goes hand-in-hand with problem-solving skills and critical thinking. Each of these traits is important in the workplace and can be the difference between a cohesive team and a problematic one. While many speak English as their first language, not having sufficient vocabulary knowledge can disrupt communication and lead to unnecessary misunderstandings.

Identify weaknesses

Good initial vocabulary knowledge, while important, can also be learned. Our practice assessments are a great way to do so and can prepare candidates, giving them confidence for the actual test.

Here at Skillsarena, we are committed to the improvement and development of individuals and companies alike. Our online tests help to identify weaknesses and provide the opportunity to rectify them, leading to an easier hiring process and a more synchronised team.

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