Health & Safety

No matter where you work, health & safety knowledge is important to have within the workplace.

Health & safety skills tests

However, there are some positions where accredited understanding of Health and Safety is necessary, and for these roles a skills test is one of the best ways to gain a full view of an individual’s knowledge of the potential risks in the workplace and how to deal with them.

Every business can benefit from having employees who have a basic understanding of Health and Safety policies and procedures such as Accident Prevention, First Aid and Safety, Signs & Signals.

  • Health & Safety Officer

Skills Tests

This module has been created to test candidates' awareness of their surroundings as it pertains to the wellbeing of those around them.

Retail Health & Safety

15 Mins

Retail environments can be full of health & safety hazards. Find out how our Retail Health & Safety skills test can help employers guarantee a safe workplace.

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Signs & Symbols

15 Mins

Keep your workplace safe and injury-free by utilising our Health & Safety signs and symbols test - suitable for a wide range of businesses and training levels.

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Office Health & Safety

15 Mins

It's essential that office workers understand workplace health & safety protocols. Use our Office Health & Safety skills test to keep your team safe.

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Manufacturing Health & Safety

15 Mins

From fire hazards to food safety, find out how our specialised Manufacturing Health & Safety skills test can help businesses keep their employees safe.

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First Aid

15 Mins

Health & Safety is a vital part of any workplace. Use our Heath & Safety quiz to determine your candidate's level of skill and training in essential first aid.

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Accident Prevention & PPE

15 Mins

Designed to test an individual’s knowledge of how to prevent an accident and protect themselves and others within a potentially hazardous work environment.

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Health & Safety

What are health & safety skills tests?

Each assessment in this module tests a different yet equally important aspect of safety awareness. As these tests can all be taken online it removes the need to send employees out of the office to test centres The test questions are presented in a variety of styles including multiple-choice questions, freehand responses and true or false answers.

They are built to cover the most crucial, universal aspects of Health and Safety in the workplace. These tests assess an individual's level of training and their ability to apply that knowledge in the necessary circumstances, ensuring their own safety and that of others working around them.

Why should I use health & safety skills tests?

These tests may also be used as part of health and safety training and to ensure that a candidate can correctly identify health and safety symbols.

Verify candidate skills and knowledge

When hiring for a position in an organisation, using a skills test is a certified and unbiased way to assess a potential employee's knowledge and verify the skills they claim to have on their CV. For positions such as safety officers, accurate knowledge of health and safety regulations can eliminate the chance of accidents and injuries in the workplace.

Refresh candidate skills and knowledge

Many potential employees may already have the CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) qualification, also known as the health, safety and environment qualification. However, if their CSCS was acquired many years ago, this skills test is a good way to maintain a level of knowledge that will be beneficial in the workplace.

Enhance your current procedures

Health and Safety training is vital for preparation in the face of any drastic change while working. Having a CSCS card shows that an individual has been safety trained, and the tests that we provide give a quantitative measure of those skills.