Health & Safety First Aid Test

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Health and safety training in the workplace is crucial. There are thousands of employee-reported non-fatal injuries in the workplace each year, so ensuring that your workplace is sufficiently first aid trained is vital in order to protect your team and the wider organisation. 

Health & Safety First Aid Test

What is the First Aid Skills Test?

As part of our dedicated health and safety module, our First Aid test is the perfect assessment tool for evaluating your employees' first aid knowledge. The assessment is designed to test an individual’s knowledge of how to assist a sick or injured person until full medical treatment is available, as well as the necessary life-saving skills and training they would need to implement in order to support a casualty. 

On the online test centre, candidates are presented with 30 questions to complete in 15 minutes, with a practice test round available. The assessment contains a variety of question styles including true or false statements and multiple-choice questions covering everything from CPR to the required safety equipment in a first aid box. 

Responses are automatically marked and a point is awarded for each correctly answered question. For some questions, multiple answers may be required; the sum of these answers will result in one point being awarded for the question. Skipped questions or those that are not taken will result in no point being awarded. After the quiz has been completed, the final score will provide a reliable indication of how effective a first aider your candidate would make. 

  • Practice test available
  • Randomised presentation
  • 15 minutes available
  • 12 minutes average completion time
  • 30 questions presented
  • 60 questions in pool

Who is the First Aid Skills Test Aimed At?

As per the HSE Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981, all employers are required to provide complete and adequate first aid equipment, training and facilities, as well as trained first aiders in the workplace.

First aid emergencies don't discriminate by industry or field - they can happen anywhere. Therefore, all businesses and workplaces would benefit from incorporating our online First Aid test centre into their employee development and/or recruitment processes to ensure that their team members are always prepared in case of an emergency. 

When looking to recruit their next hire or first aider, employers can utilise our First Aid safety test to get an accurate measure of their candidates' existing skills, knowledge and experience when it comes to first aid provision and health and safety regulations. This is particularly useful when hiring for roles in which hands-on first aid skills are regularly needed, such as childcare providers, construction workers, machine operatives, emergency services and recreation teams. It also aids in the recruitment of designated on-site first aiders. 

Health & Safety First Aid Test

Skills Measured

01 Medical Knowledge

Our first aid quiz awards points for correct answers only, meaning that in order to score well, your candidates need to have sound first aid medical knowledge. Whether that's how to open up a person's airways, administer effective CPR, bandage a wound or treat a severe burn, our First Aid test will ensure reliable levels of health and safety in your workplace at all times. 

02 Practical Judgement

When faced with a first aid emergency, it is vital to keep a clear head and maintain accurate judgement at all times as it could be the difference between life and death for the casualty. Our first aid quiz is designed to assess an applicant's knowledge of how best to assist someone in need of first aid support. As part of that, the questions require them to judge how best to respond to a health and safety emergency, which not only requires sound medical knowledge, but a clear and practical sense of judgement as well. 

03 First Aid Procedures

Similarly, our First Aid test gives you an accurate assessment of your candidate's knowledge of basic first aid procedures, including CPR, recovery positions and treating basic injuries. First aiders with a sound understanding of these procedures are much more effective in a health and safety emergency where time is of the essence. 

04 Risk Awareness

A key part of any first aid training is to have a heightened awareness of the potential risks in your surroundings. To score highly on our first aid safety test, applicants are also required to have an ample understanding of how to conduct a risk assessment in order to reduce the chance of a health and safety emergency in the workplace.

Why Use a First Aid Skills Test?

Enhance your Workplace

By using our First Aid skills assessment, you can streamline your recruitment process and find your next best first aider easier and quicker, all without sacrificing quality. Furthermore, you can use our skills test with your existing staff to identify first aid training gaps within your team. This allows you to work out where best to invest your time, money and effort within employee training and development, ultimately making the entire process more time and economically efficient. 

Conform to Regulations

As per the HSE Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981, it is fundamental for employers to provide adequate first aid training and resources (such as an accessible, appropriately stocked first aid box) to comply with workplace health and safety regulations. Depending on your workplace risk assessment, you may also be required to employ designated trained first aiders as well. These first aiders will be proficient in basic first aid, as well as emergency first aid provisions such as CPR, burns treatment and severe bleeding. 

Protect Your Team

The number one job of an employer is to protect their staff. By using a First Aid safety test such as ours, you can ensure that your entire workforce has adequate health, safety and first aid training that helps protect themselves and others at all times. 

Minimise Risk

First aid trained staff know how to spot health and safety hazards better than others. According to HSE, in 2020/21 slips, trips and falls accounted for the highest proportion of non-fatal work-related accidents - a staggering 33%. By utilising the First Aid assessment with your team or recruits, you can ensure high levels of safety in your workplace by building a team of people who know how to spot safety risks and health hazards before they become life-threatening. 

Ensure Productivity

Every employer knows how important it is to maintain high, consistent levels of productivity within their workplace. Providing excellent first aid provision and training is a key way to ensure safety, which ultimately protects your team's productivity by preventing accidents that can cause your employees to require extensive time off work. 

Avoid Unwanted Expenses

HSE statistics estimate that in 2018/19, non-fatal workplace injuries cost UK employers over £3 billion. You can use our First Aid test to accurately evaluate your team's health and safety training needs, allowing you to foster a first aid competent workforce who can effectively minimise health and safety risks. Moreover, you can use the test when recruiting your next hire to ensure that you're only taking on first aid trained staff, again ensuring the safety of your workplace and helping protect your business from unwanted expenses.

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