Manufacturing Health and Safety Test

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Businesses in the manufacturing industries require their employees to have a strong understanding of the necessary health & safety regulations. Roles at manufacturing companies typically involve the use of heavy machinery and equipment or need industry-specific knowledge of health & safety measures. As a requirement under UK law, employers must ensure all workers and managerial staff are adequately trained to deal with potential hazardous situations in the workplace.

 Manufacturing Health and Safety Test

What is a Manufacturing Health & Safety skills test?

A Manufacturing Health & Safety skills test is designed to assess an individual's understanding of the health & safety protocols specific to manufacturing industries. 

In the test, the candidates will be presented with 15 questions that they will have to answer within 15 minutes. The questions can either be multiple choice or true or false statements and will centre around real life situations. Candidates must use their health & safety knowledge to assess the situations and decide what the appropriate response would be for each question. Some questions will require multiple answers, in which case the sum of these answers will result in one point being awarded. 

  • Practice test available
  • Randomised presentation
  • 15 minutes available
  • 12 minutes average completion time
  • 15 questions presented
  • 30 questions in pool

Who is the Manufacturing Health & Safety skills test aimed at?

The Manufacturing Health & Safety skills test is aimed at workers and managerial staff employed at manufacturing facilities. The test is especially useful as it can be difficult to assess an individual's understanding of manufacturing-specific health & safety policies just through looking at their qualifications. This assessment removes that element of guesswork and ensures all employees are sufficiently educated in how to maintain a safe work environment.

Different industries require knowledge of different health & safety regulations. For instance, a food manufacturing business will require all their employees to be proficient in food hygiene protocol to prevent cross-contamination. The Manufacturing Health & Safety skills test will ensure all employees have the necessary understanding of the rules and regulations needed to create a safe working environment.

 Manufacturing Health and Safety Test

Skills Measured

01 Practical judgement

Workers are frequently expected to use their good judgement when confronted with health and safety risks in the workplace. By assessing their level of practical judgement, employers can be assured their workers are able to independently resolve any safety issues as efficiently and effectively as possible.

02 Risk awareness

Risk awareness involves a strong understanding of the potential hazards and safety issues that could occur in a manufacturing-based workplace. An awareness of risks will help ensure that employees are able to reduce the number of safety hazards and incidents that could happen.

03 Safeguard awareness

Knowledge of the necessary safeguarding procedures is crucial for maintaining a businesses' health & safety regulations. When employees have a strong understanding of these safeguarding policies, they are then able to assess hazardous situations and respond according to the appropriate regulations.

Why use a Manufacturing Health & Safety skills test?

More accurate hiring

Manufacturing companies often require their workers to be highly trained in specific health & safety protocols. By implementing this test early on in the recruitment process, you ensure that all short-listed candidates have the necessary skillset and knowledge for the role. This ensures you are hiring individuals suited for the role who are more likely to become long term employees and will most likely require less training.

Fulfil safety & legal requirements

This assessment covers a broad range of manufacturing health & safety situations that workers are most likely to encounter at work. With this test, alongside our other types of health & safety skills tests, employers are able to efficiently and accurately make sure that all of their employees are trained to the expected legal requirements and that the company and workplace are legally compliant.

Enhanced employee training

Our Manufacturing Health & Safety skills test allows participants the chance to take several practice tests before they take the final test. These features mean that individuals are able to use this test as a tool in their training and development programmes as they can retake the test multiple times and learn new concepts along the way.

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