Office Health and Safety Test

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An office environment may not appear to have many potential hazards but there are actually many situations in which workers can sustain injuries and illness. All employers have a legal requirement, under 'common law' to take care of their employees' health & safety. This includes providing health & safety training, regularly conducting risk assessments, and ensuring workplace health is always a company priority. This is why employees who regularly work in an office must have adequate office health & safety knowledge and training. By ensuring workers are operating in a safe workplace, employers minimise the chance of injuries that occur at work.

Office Health and Safety Test

What is an Office Health & Safety skills test?

An Office & Health skills test is similar to a safety quiz and assesses an individual's knowledge of office health & safety protocol and regulations.

The candidates are presented with 15 questions that are either styled as multiple choice questions or true or false statements. The questions in the quiz will be based on potential real life situations surrounding office safety and risk prevention. Candidates will be expected to use their knowledge and good judgement to select the appropriate response to the question.

Each correct response will be awarded with one point. Some questions may require multiple responses, in which case the sum of these answers will result in one point being awarded. No point will be awarded for any skipped questions or incorrect answers. The candidate will have 15 minutes to complete the quiz.

  • Practice test available
  • Randomised presentation
  • 15 minutes available
  • 12 minutes average completion time
  • 15 questions presented
  • 30 questions in pool

Who is the Office Health & Safety skills test aimed at?

This test is aimed at businesses that regularly operate in an office environment. It can be difficult to measure an individual's knowledge of health & safety regulations through their CV. By using this test, employers are able to discern a candidate's awareness and knowledge through an accurate measure. 

Although these tests are especially useful when trying to fill a safety executive position at a company, employers can also utilise this for their wider team. It is important that all employees working at an office have a sufficient understanding of workplace health & safety policies so as to reduce the number of potential work hazards and create a safe environment.

Office Health and Safety Test

Skills Assessed

01 Practical judgement

Individuals working in an office environment must have appropriate levels of practical judgement. Employees may encounter potential health hazards and risks in an office and must therefore use their good judgement to independently prevent any avoidable injuries and decide the appropriate safety protocol when encountering risks in the workplace.

02 Risk awareness

Employers should ensure all their employees are aware of the possible risks present within their workplace. By strengthening their workers' levels of risk awareness, they will be able to avoid any hazardous situations and reduce the chance of workplace-related injuries occurring. A strong grasp of risk awareness could include an understanding of fire risk assessments, food safety, and other relevant office hazards.

03 Intuition

Employees are also expected to be intuitive when encountering any health hazards or safety risks in the office. Some situations require on the spot responses to prevent any further injuries. If employees have a strong sense of intuition, they will be able to make the appropriate decisions when preventing and encountering situations that could be a health & safety risk.

Why use an Office Health & Safety skills test?

Unbiased hiring

Our Office Health & Safety skills test can aid in reducing the effect of unconscious biases on your hiring decisions. With this test, a candidates suitability for the role will be evaluated based on the test results as their identity will be anonymised. This ensures that recruiters will not have access to any other information that could affect their judgement.

Upskill existing employees

Through using skills assessments such as this, employers are able to develop a stronger health & safety course plan for their employees. Practice tests are available with this assessment so employees can take the test several times and use this tool to learn new skills revolving around risk assessments and regulations.

Reduced costs

Our tests are also a useful tool to reduce company costs. All of our psychometric tests, including our Office Health & Safety skills test, are conducted online through our accessible platform. This makes it a cost efficient way for businesses to test and train their employees as there would be no need to hire out external instructors and travel to an external testing site.

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