Retail Health and Safety

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Proficiency in health & safety regulations is an essential requirement when working in a retail environment. Health & safety laws apply to every retail-based workplace to ensure businesses maintain a hazard-free and safe environment for both customers and employees. To guarantee a risk free workplace, it's necessary for retail workers to have adequate training and knowledge on the appropriate health & safety measures.  

Retail Health and Safety

What is a Health & Safety skills test?

Our Health & Safety skills tests are designed to measure an individual's knowledge on risk assessment and prevention. This includes procedures when encountering safety hazards, selecting the appropriate health & safety equipment for a retail setting, and implementing COVID-19 safety protocols.

In the test, candidates will be presented with 10 multiple choice questions that they will be expected to answer within 10 minutes. These questions will be situation-based and candidates must decide what the best response would be for each situation. The answers are then automatically marked and a point is rewarded for each correct answer. Skipped questions or wrong answers will result in no point being awarded.

  • Practice test available
  • Randomised presentation
  • 10 minutes available
  • 8 minutes average completion time
  • 10 questions presented
  • 15 questions in pool

Who is the Health & Safety skills test aimed at?

This form of testing is especially useful for retailers that operate in an environment where risks are possible. Some of the most common incidents that can occur in the workplace are slips and trips. These are possible in almost every retail environment. Some incidents are more specific to certain types of workplaces. Examples of this include kitchens, where fire risk assessments would need to be conducted. Some retail roles also require manual lifting, in which case basic manual and lifting training would be required to minimise risk of injury. These tests can be used for both potential and existing employees to ensure your team has sufficient knowledge in risk assessment and prevention.

Retail Health and Safety

Skills Measured

01 Accident prevention

A strong understanding of accident prevention protocol is crucial in retail health & safety training. In making sure your employees have a strong understanding of health & safety regulations, you minimise the risk of any incidents occurring within the workplace.

02 Knowledge

Many retail roles require a solid health & safety knowledge base that may include food hygiene, fire hazards, and personal hygiene. Ensuring your employees have the sufficient knowledge to maintain a risk-free workplace will guarantee a reduced chance of employees and customers being injured.

03 Attention

A keen sense of attention to detail is necessary for a retail role that has potential hazards. Candidates will need to pay attention to small details in order to decide what would be the right protocols and procedures needed to prevent and address incidents in a retail environment.

04 Common Sense

Some of the rules and regulations involved in retail health & safety can be assumed through common sense. Examples include wearing gloves when handling food products and not running on slippery floors. With this test, employers are able to see whether candidates not only have the technical knowledge but the appropriate level of common sense judgement needed to minimise health & safety risks.

Why use a Health & Safety skills test?

Streamlined recruitment

Retail positions can require specific health & safety knowledge, especially in a workplace environment with multiple potential risks. By incorporating the test into your pre-employment application process, employers can assess a candidate's suitability through situational examples instead of just relying on their CV, thereby ensuring only candidates with the adequate skills and knowledge progress further into the application process. This minimises the risk of inaccurate hiring and increases the number of potential long-term hires.

Enhanced training

Our Health & Safety skills tests can also be used to help train new employees and up-skill existing ones. Candidates are able to take practice tests before they take the final test. This allows individuals to utilise our easy to use tests as an accessible e-learning tool as part of a wider skills development programme. This test also serves as a good stepping stone into more specific forms of training such as First Aid training.

Cost efficient

Psychometric tests such as this are a cost efficient solution for businesses for a multitude of reasons. Through implementing these tests, especially as part of your hiring process, employers reduce the chance of hiring unskilled workers, reducing the amount of additional employee training that is necessary. Our Health & Safety test is also available online, which means businesses don't have to spend additional funds on transport to external testing sites or hiring external markers.

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