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Each assesses key skills required of an employee working in such roles. Our proofreading witness statements exam makes an accurate assessment of your applicants' spelling and grammar skills whilst reading an incomes witness statement.

Secondly, our incomes staff culture test is designed to test whether your candidates possess the right attitudes and values to be a great culture fit in your workplace. Finally, our incomes staff values and attitudes test evaluates your applicants' key prioritisation skills in a number of scenarios relevant to their role.

Assessments Available

These pre-employment property exams are tailored to income-related roles within property and housing management.

01 Culture

Designed to test candidates on the culture and values & attitudes expected in the role. Candidates are presented with a variety of questions in a ‘yes or no’ format. They will be asked if they can comply with the company’s cultures.

02 Values and Attitude

Designed to test an individual’s ability to prioritise scenarios. Candidates are presented with a scenario and a number of possible options. Their task is to rank each option presented for its effectiveness from most inappropriate to most appropriate.

03 Proofreading

Designed to test an individual’s ability to recognise spelling and grammar errors from a sample of text. Candidates are shown a sample of text with the subject of an incomes witness statement. The candidates are required to highlight and type corrections for the errors identified.