In Tray Exercises

In-tray exercises are tests that are designed to assess a candidate’s ability to prioritise and respond to tasks which they would be expected to navigate in the workplace.

What are in tray exercises?

An in tray exercise simulates a typical work scenario where candidates are presented with a set of tasks, emails, and documents, resembling those encountered in the actual job role. Candidates are asked to prioritise and respond to these tasks within a required timeframe, demonstrating their ability to manage their responsibilities and make informed decisions.

At Skillsarena, we offer two kinds of in-tray exercises: one suited for clerical roles and another specifically designed for management positions. Within these categories, employers can choose between two test levels: core or professional. Candidates must identify the most important in-tray exercises shown on the screen and then explain why they have prioritised them the way they have. 

In tray exercises have become increasingly common in recent years, as employers look to evaluate candidates' skills and abilities in a simulated work environment rather than relying solely on traditional CVs or interviews. Intray exercises offer a unique opportunity to assess how candidates handle real-world tasks and challenges that could arise in the job they're applying for. At Skillsarena, we offer a wide range of in tray exercises to measure different abilities and skill sets in applicants across different levels.

  • Administrator
  • Office Administrator
  • Team Manager
  • Receptionist
  • Retail - Shop Assistant
  • Team Leader
  • Retail Manager
  • Store Manager

Skills Tests

Two levels are available, managerial and professional. Example assessment centre e-tray and in-tray exercises will be provided in the practice test, which is designed for candidates looking for more preparation before assessment day.

Management Exercises

60 Mins

Management in-tray exercises are similar to those part of the Clerical test, but the difficulty of the task is raised by increasing the complexity of the situation presented and the language used.

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Clerical Test

45 Mins

Use our clerical skills simulation to assess how effectively your candidate deals with in-tray and e-tray exercises and realistic clerical tasks.

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In-tray Exercises

Improve your recruitment process with intray exercises

In tray exercises can allow you to elevate your recruitment strategy by helping you identify top-tier candidates. This valuable assessment tool gives you a deeper insight into candidates' practical skills and decision-making abilities, making it a crucial component in assessing candidates beyond traditional methods like CVs or interviews. 

Making hiring decisions is easier than ever thanks to online in tray exercises. Candidates can perform an in tray exercise online from wherever they are, providing a flexible and convenient way to evaluate their capabilities, such as the candidates business understanding, written communication style, spelling and grammar. 

Why should I use In-tray skill Ttests?

Skills Arena provides a reliable assessment centre to ensure your company recruits only the best suited applicants.

A powerful and versatile recruitment tool

In-tray exercises are versatile and can be used as a powerful recruitment tool across various industries for roles that involve tasks requiring organisational skills, decision-making, and time management. Intray exercises are commonly used to recruit staff in clerical roles, including administrative assistants, office managers and receptionists; management and leadership positions; and customer service and sales roles. These exercises are incredibly useful in assessing project managers' skills to ensure they can effectively oversee projects and teams.

What are the two levels and how do they differ?

You can choose between two levels; Core and Managerial depending on the position you are recruiting for. Alternatively, if you operate in the retail sector then choose our specific Retail Int-ray Test.

Can I arrange a demo?

To see the tests in action, you can arrange a free demo at a time that suits you.

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