In-Tray – Clerical Test

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Our pre-employment in-tray aptitude tests have been developed to support an employer in hiring for clerical job roles where in-tray skills are a must. The virtual exercises simulate real-world scenarios rather than an artificial assessment centre, allowing you to accurately assess a candidate's ability to perform in-tray exercises and prioritise, delegate and respond to key tasks. 

In-Tray – Clerical Test

What is the in-tray clerical test?

Our in-tray/e-tray assessment test makes hiring for clerical roles easier by offering realistic in-tray simulation exercises that are designed to assess and accurately reflect a candidate's in-tray/e-tray competency.

This computer-based assessment test simulates an everyday clerical working environment and in-tray/e-tray workflow. The clerical skills test assesses an individual’s ability to recognise priority tasks, organise their workflow and multi-task by prioritising a series of correspondences.

With our in-tray exercise assessment centre, you not only gain a quantitative measure of your candidate's performance in each exercise, but a qualitative description of the logical reasoning and thought process behind their answer.The candidate’s answers are subjective to an organisation's requirements. Each question is marked by an administrator in context. 

  • Practice test available
  • Question review
  • 45 minutes allowed
  • 35 minutes average completion time
  • Interactive marketing
  • Fixed question order

Who is the in-tray clerical test aimed at?

Our in-tray/e-tray exercises and aptitude tests are a vital addition to your recruitment process when hiring for clerical and administrative roles. This is because these skills tests assess and evaluate key day-to-day skills required in these positions, including the ability to prioritise correspondences, delegate tasks and input data with acute accuracy.

However, because a clerical aptitude test such as our in-tray and e-tray exercises assess such a wide array of skills, they can be used in various recruitment processes to streamline job interviews and hiring processes. Rapid decision-making, accurate data entry and effective prioritisation skills benefit almost every role within a workplace - whether you're a clerical worker, practice manager or labourer. 

Our in-tray exercise tests can even be used when hiring both entry-level and professional positions, making them the perfect fit for any workplace and candidate. Most roles, regardless of their skill level or industry, require an individual to manage an in-person or computer-based workload, so our in-tray exercises are a perfect way to evaluate whether an individual will make a perfect fit for your team. 

In-Tray – Clerical Test

Two In-Tray Aptitude Tests Available

There are two levels to our in-tray exercise assessment tests, Core and Professional. Both tests are allocated a 45-minute time limit. Candidates have the opportunity to take practice tests in both assessment centre levels to ensure that they answer the real exercises with accuracy.

01 Core

In this assessment, candidates are required to demonstrate their ability to allocate time appropriately by prioritising a set of five short correspondences and drafting replies. A candidate taking the Core level of a test is expected to have subject knowledge aligned to a higher level GCSE graduate.

02 Professional

In this assessment, candidates are required to demonstrate their ability to allocate time appropriately by prioritising a set of seven longer correspondences and drafting a reply to each correspondence. The Professional level builds on Core by increasing the number of questions asked, the complexity of the scenario, time pressure and the length of the correspondences. A candidate taking the Professional level of a test is expected to have subject knowledge aligned to that of an A-Level graduate.

Why Use an In-tray Aptitude Test?

If you want an easy yet effective way of assessing a wide range of candidate skills, as well as in-tray and e-tray abilities, then this clerical aptitude test is perfect for you.

Ability to Prioritise

A vital skill in any clerical or non-clerical, entry-level, professional job role, effective prioritisation helps to ensure smooth-sailing within the workplace. Our practice in-tray exercises can help an employer to evaluate a potential employee's proficiency for prioritisation by prioritising correspondences. 


Every employer benefits from having well-organised team members. Our in-tray tasks effectively assess your candidate's competency for effective organisation. 

Multi-tasking abilities

A key clerical skill, the ability to multi-task benefits everyone. With our clerical exercise tasks, the test assessor can gauge how well the potential employee can cope when juggling many tasks at once. 


Whether you need to delegate tasks, organise a workload or juggle many things at once, great problem-solving abilities are vital. By selecting an answer from multiple-choice options, our in-tray assessment centre gives you insight into individuals' problem-solving abilities. 

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