Legal Skills Test

Our legal skills test allows employers to recruit employees who possess the necessary knowledge, competence, and expertise required for their roles.

Legal skills assessment tests

When recruiting for legal positions, it's crucial to ensure that candidates have the required skills and knowledge to handle the demands of the role effectively. Our legal skills assessment test provides a comprehensive evaluation of a candidate’s abilities, allowing you to ensure they’re the right fit for your law firm.

The test can be useful even if candidates have already passed a law exam, allowing you to select the most suitable candidates to build a strong legal team. Our legal skills test assesses a candidate’s proficiency in various aspects of legal practice, allowing you to confidently hire individuals who have the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in your law firm.

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Legal skills tests

At Skillsarena, we offer several skills tests specifically designed for legal roles with legal terminology. Our pre-built legal aptitude assessments allow you to evaluate a candidate's legal skills and knowledge, providing you with valuable insights into their suitability for various legal positions.

Legal Data Entry

5 Mins

In legal jobs, accurate data entry and information processing is crucial. Use our Legal Data Entry skills test today to assess candidates' data entry work.

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Legal Reading Comprehension

30 Mins

Reading and processing passages of legal text is a central skill in any law job. Use our Legal Reading Comprehension skills test at your law firm today.

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Legal Speed Typing

5 Mins

Use our typing speed test to assess the speed and accuracy of your candidate's typing skills when working in a legal environment.

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Legal Audio Typing

5 Mins

Use our typing skills test to measure your candidate's legal transcription skills, typing speed and audio typing accuracy all in one easy-to-use platform.

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Legal Proofreading

30 Mins

Knowing how to proofread legal documents can make or break your legal case. Use our skills test to find your next reliable legal proofreader.

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Legal Spelling

15 Mins

Find out how you can boost productivity, optimise recruitment and enhance professionalism in your legal practice simply by using our legal spelling skill test.

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What is a legal skills test?

A legal skills test, also known as a legal aptitude test, is an assessment designed to evaluate an individual's proficiency in areas related to the field of law. These tests measure key skills required for many legal roles, ranging from legal reading comprehensive and legal audio typing to legal proofreading. Our skills assessment tests are specifically designed for legal roles, allowing you to evaluate a candidate's knowledge of their skills within a legal setting.

A legal aptitude test can play a key part in the recruitment process for many law firms. Although many applicants may possess the necessary academic credentials or relevant experience, these tests provide a true reflection of their practical abilities, ensuring that they are able to complete legal tasks to a high standard.

Why should I use a legal skills assessment test?

A legal skills test can assist with the process of hiring for legal positions within your firm, ensuring that candidates possess the necessary skills and knowledge required to excel in their roles.

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