Legal Audio Typing Test

Easily assess your candidate's typing skills with our innovative audio typing tests.

Fast, effective and accurate audio typing skills are vital for anyone working in the legal industry. In the legal world, specificity is a key part of the job and every single word matters. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your new hire has proficient dictation, transcription audio typing skills before their first day on the job - that's where our legal audio typing tests come in. Designed to accurately assess your candidate's ability to focus on dictated and live audio content rather than their keyboard, our audio typing aptitude tests are a must-have for your legal practice.

Legal Audio Typing Test

What is the Legal Audio Typing Test?

Our legal audio typing test is designed to test an individual’s ability to transcribe a given legal recording quickly and accurately. Candidates are presented with an audio clip alongside audio controls and a text box into which they type their transcribed text. Their answers are automatically marked for accurate transcription and typing speed, with any errors resulting in no point being awarded for the whole word containing the error. Candidates are allocated 5 minutes to complete the question, so the skills test is easy to implement into your pre-hire recruitment processes. Overall, our audio typing proficiency test measures a candidate's typing speed using characters and words per minute as well as their accuracy when typing the audio provided. 


Who is The Legal Audio Typing Test Aimed At?

Our audio typing aptitude test is specifically designed for employers and recruits in a legal environment where fast, accurate transcription and typing skills are a necessity. Whether it's dictating legal documents, typing up an interview transcript or recording live legal proceedings, your employees' typing, transcription and dictation skills need to be up-to-scratch.

During legal proceedings, every word matters. Your audio transcriptions need to be accurate and informative at all times, containing all the essential information that you need in your case file. There's a chance they could be the difference between winning and losing a case.

Some companies offer to do your legal transcribing and typing for you, but why outsource at an extra cost when you can just use our legal typing skills tests to hire the best candidates? With a competitive one-off payment, you can fill your legal practice with high-quality audio typists and transcribers for many years to come.

Legal Audio Typing Test

Skills Measured

With Skillsarena, you can be sure that our legal audio typing tests assess fundamental skills that your legal team are required to perform to the highest ability.

01 Speed

In a busy, fast-paced legal environment, rapid typing skills are a must-have. The audio typing test evaluates the speed at which your candidate can type using a character and words per minute score. 

02 Listening

Perceptive listening skills are vital when it comes to accurate transcription and dictation. Our audio typing test only awards points to accurately transcribed segments of text, ensuring that their final score reflects their listening abilities. 

03 Transcribing Competency

A top-performing legal practice requires high-quality transcribers. Our audio typing tests ensure that your next hire is the best of the bunch.

04 Accuracy

Accurate legal case files, documents and transcripts can be the difference between winning and losing a case. Our tests examine your candidate's grammar, spelling and knowledge of legal terminology as well as their ability to accurately transcribe audio.

Why Use A Legal Audio Typing Test?

Test candidate accuracy with confidence

Audio transcription is a crucial part of any legal case. Accurately transcribed case notes, legal documents and information files allow a legal team to plan their cases more effectively, cover all bases and go into the courtroom with a case-winning strategy.

To do this, you need to hire the best team for your legal practice. With our audio typing skills test, you can do this stress-free

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