Legal Data Entry Test

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Data entry is a process that must be done with precision in any job - and within the legal industry, it is arguably one of the most important fundamental skills for an employee to have.

Our Legal Data Entry skills test assesses an individual's abilities within legal data analysis and interpretation by measuring how quickly and accurately they can input information into a database.

The assessment simulates the kind of data entry work required in a fast-paced legal environment, and its result will serve as a precise indicator of how well a candidate will perform at your company. 

 Legal Data Entry Test

What is a Legal Data Entry skills test?

Designed to test an individual’s ability to input data from a legal setting with speed and accuracy, our Legal Data Entry psychometric test covers different areas of data entry work relating to law.

The candidate must continually input the data that is presented to them on-screen into the answer section until the timer runs out. They will be presented with various fields to complete within the allocated time of 5 minutes. Featuring some similarities with typing tests and transcription tests, this data entry test will measure the candidate's computer skills within a legal context and is also available in the form of a practice test. 

The responses given are automatically marked and an error when typing will result in a point being deducted from the final score. The score is given as figures of WPM (words per minute) and CPM (characters per minute) along with a percentage accuracy score. 

  • Practice test available
  • Randomised presentation
  • 5 minutes available
  • 1 question presented

Who is the Legal Data Entry skills test aimed at?

This assessment has been designed for use by individuals in a wide range of legal jobs, from legal secretaries and administrative assistants to courtroom transcriptionists, paralegals and law firm data entry clerks. These roles all involve handling legal data and legal documents on a day-to-day basis, whether the job is entry-level or not, and it is crucial that the data entry skills of individuals in these positions are up to scratch. 

The test can also be used by employers who are hiring for such jobs. Companies are increasingly implementing skills testing into their recruitment processes to evaluate whether applicants have the abilities required in specific roles. So, using the Legal Data Entry assessment at the pre-employment stage can provide a good insight into how well-suited applicants are to a data entry job within law. 

 Legal Data Entry Test

Skills Assessed

01 Accuracy

The result of the test is given in the form of an accuracy percentage. This score gives a clear indication of how much attention to detail a candidate has and how accurately they can transcribe relevant information. 

02 Speed

The WPM and CPM scores measure how quickly the candidate can process and type information within the allotted time. Of course, this figure should be considered against the accuracy score. 

03 Typing

Being an alphanumeric test, the Legal Data Entry test is an assessment of the candidate's typing ability across a variety of keyboard functions. 

Why use a Legal Data Entry skills assessment?

Improve hiring decisions

By using psychometric testing such as this, you can be confident that you are employing the people with the best skills for legal data entry jobs, not just those with the most qualifications.

Reduce errors

If used as a tool for developing the data entry skills of your existing employees further, the test can ensure high-quality and error-free work throughout your company.

Maximise productivity

This user-friendly online test is a simple yet effective way to make sure that both your new hires and your established team are doing their jobs with maximum efficiency.

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