Legal Proofreading Test

This legal proofreading assessment is designed to test an individual’s ability to recognise spelling and grammar errors from a sample of legal text. These mistakes vary from spelling errors to phrasing errors and punctuation mistakes. Practice questions are available to prepare for the legal proofreading assessment.

Our Legal Proofreading test is designed to assess an individual’s ability to quickly and accurately detect spelling, punctuation, phrasing and grammar mistakes in a body of text which has been specifically written to reflect the legal industry.

Candidates are presented with as many documents to proofread as possible within the 5 minute test time. They can also access a practice question round before completing their main skills test. An applicant's responses are automatically marked, so there's no waiting around for a final score. Candidates are awarded one point per accurately detected error. On the other hand, skipped questions will result in no points, and incorrect answers will result in a point being deducted.

We also offer an entire legal skills test module - from proofreading to audio typing. 

Legal Proofreading Test

What is the legal proofreading test?

Whether it's a typo in a transcript, spelling error in a statutory declaration or carelessness in a legal contract, it's essential to avoid inaccuracies in your legal documents. Not only can mistakes cost you time and energy, but in the worst cases, they can cost your firm thousands of pounds. It's essential to ensure that your applicants have first-rate proofreading skills before taking them on board as your next legal secretary, paralegal or lawyer. 

Luckily, you don't need to devise a complex set of proofreading questions or spelling, punctuation and grammar checks all in time for your next recruitment process. With our Legal Proofreading test, you can measure your applicants' proofreading, transcription and typing skills all in one easy-to-use digital platform. 

  • Practice test available
  • 5 minutes allowed
  • 5 minutes average completion time
  • 60 questions in pool

Skills Measured

Our Legal Proofreading test measures the essential skills required in a proofreader, all whilst being tailored to the legal profession. These skills include:

01 Speed

Our skills test presents candidates with as many documents to proofread as possible within 5 minutes and generates a final score reflecting the number of accurate error detections made within this time. The quicker your candidate can check the contents of the document presented to them and accurately identify the errors made, the more correct answers they will accumulate and the higher their final score.

02 Accuracy

The legal proofreading test is designed to gain a realistic reflection of an applicant's proofreading skills. When candidates accurately detect an error within the contents of the writing, they are awarded one point. Conversely, incorrect answers result in a point being deducted and skipped questions result in no points. Therefore, to score as high as possible on the test, candidates need accurate proofreading skills.

03 Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Skills

You can't proofread effectively without having superb spelling, perfect punctuation and great grammar. Our skills test gives you a glimpse into your candidate's literary repertoire. To score highly on our test, candidates need to know whether certain words would be applicable in legal writing or not, the correct use of a comma and the grammatical functions in a sentence. 

Why Use a Legal Proofreading Skills Test?

Avoid costly errors

Mistakes and inconsistencies can cost a law firm thousands of pounds as well as their case. Therefore, it's essential that legal professionals are able to proofread their writing rapidly and effectively, detecting even the most inconspicuous errors, typos and sentence structure mistakes. With a Legal Proofreading skills test such as ours, you can ensure that your team is filled with the very best legal proofreaders that keep your success rates high and your costs low.

Maintain a prestigious reputation

Something as small as a misspelt surname or inappropriately-used legal term within a case document can put clients off working with a firm and tarnish the practice's reputation. The sole purpose of our skills test is to provide law firms with the very best, most highly-skilled candidates who can safeguard your reputation for years to come.

Make high-quality hiring decisions

Unsuccessful hires cost you time, effort and money. Let our legal proofreading test take some work off your plate by guaranteeing you a pool of exceptional candidates in just a few short minutes.

Save money on third-party services

Instead of outsourcing to expensive third-party legal proofreaders and editing service providers, opt for a one-off investment that guarantees a lifetime of high-quality work and case-winning writing all in-house at your own law firm.