Legal Speed Typing Test

Everything you need to know

In a fast-paced legal practice, quick typing skills are essential. No legal case can be devoid of essential information if it wants to succeed in court. So, when recruiting your next lawyer or typist, you need a full-proof way of ensuring fast, high-quality typing skills. With our legal speed typing test, you get an accurate assessment of your candidate's typing ability and speed in words per minute (WPM). Our speed typing test allows you to hire the best candidates all the time, every time. 

 Legal Speed Typing Test

What is the Legal Speed Typing Test?

Our industry-leading typing speed test is designed to assess an individual’s ability to transcribe a given recording with speed and accuracy. During the typing test, candidates are presented with a spoken passage of text relating to a legal subject background. The test is formatted with audio controls and a text box in which the candidate types their transcribed answer.

Each candidate is presented with one question to complete in 5 minutes and their responses are automatically marked depending on the speed and accuracy of their typing. An error when typing will result in no point being awarded for the whole word containing the error. A candidate's final score is measured on their typing speed by characters and words per minute (WPM) as well as their accuracy when typing the audio provided.

  • Practice test available
  • 5 minutes allowed
  • 5 minutes average completion time
  • 1 question presented

Who is the Legal Speed Typing Test aimed at?

Our legal speed typing aptitude test is essential for recruits working within a legal practice or role which requires them to transcribe legal audio data rapidly yet comprehensively.

When it comes to legal work, every word matters. Each document, transcribed client interview or written recording of courtroom proceedings needs to be detailed meticulously, with extreme precision and accuracy. However, as important as typing speed is, it's equally as important that legal documents contain only relevant information.

Our legal typing speed tests can be utilised by employers during their recruitment processes to find expert typists with not just experience of audio typing but evident, undeniable skills of being able to transcribe audio legal data accurately, containing all the correct words and legal terminology, faster than every other candidate.

Rather than outsourcing to expensive, third-party legal document typing services, use our Legal Speed Typing test to improve your recruitment process, develop your existing staff and ensure seamless and successful new hires every time, all in the comfort of your own legal practice. 

 Legal Speed Typing Test

Skills Measured

01 Audio Comprehension

Effective audio typing requires an individual to have sound audio comprehension abilities. Our typing test measures your candidate's audio comprehension skills by having them accurately transcribe a legal audio recording into a text box, which then automatically assesses how correct the content is.

02 Speed

It's vital that your new hire can type many words correctly in seconds. Our test measures your candidate's typing speed precisely, offering you a final score indicating their words per minute (WPM).

03 Accuracy

Good typists can often free type or touch type (typing without looking at their keyboard). Free typing allows them to focus more on the content of the audio that they are transcribing rather than the layout of their keyboard. Our typing test informs you of your candidate's typing accuracy by rewarding points for correct words and deducting points for incorrect words inputted into the text box.

Why Use A Legal Speed Typing Test?

Quick, accurate typing abilities are fundamental to any legal practice. The legal world is fast-paced and ever-changing, so your employees need a keen eye and precise attention to detail as well as a thorough understanding of legal terms and brisk typing speed.

Accurate insights on candidate skills

Job applications and CV documents give you a picture of your candidate's qualifications and experience. However, they don't tell you how fast your applicant can type, their WPM count or how accurately they can format their audio transcriptions. Incorporating our legal speed typing tests into your recruitment process is a sure-fire way of testing your candidate's typing speed, transcribing accuracy and keyboard knowledge. Our tests ensure that you can hire brilliant employees who can type faster than anyone and allow you to give your clients the very best legal support. 

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