Legal Spelling Test

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Whether it's transcribing court proceedings, typing up legal documents or perfecting your vocabulary in preparation for a hearing; anyone working in a legal office must know the right words to use - and how to spell them.

When working in law, typing and recording your work is a standard and essential procedure. In this industry, every word counts. Spelling errors, incorrect grammar, slobby sentence structures and poor punctuation can make or break the strength of your argument and derail proceedings. A seemingly harmless mistake can literally be the difference between winning or losing - and that can put people's lives and livelihoods in jeopardy.

Therefore, it's absolutely essential that every employee coming into your practice has a thorough knowledge and understanding of legal jargon, how these words are spelt and where to use them in a sentence. That's where our legal spelling test comes in.

Legal Spelling Test

What is The Legal Spelling Test?

This spelling quiz is designed to test a candidate's ability to identify the correct legal term out of a multiple-choice list of misspelt words. Our spelling lists are full of common misspellings of legal words, with one correct answer. The words are displayed in a randomised order. An example question would be:

  • accommodate (correct)
  • acommodate
  • acomodate
  • accommadate

Candidates have 15 minutes to complete the quiz, which contains 30 questions in total. Their responses are automatically marked and a point is awarded for each correctly answered question. Skipped questions or those that are not taken will result in no point being  As such, applicant scoring is based on their knowledge of legal words and the British English spelling of them, as well as their speed and accuracy in detecting spelling mistakes. 

Rather than being a standard spelling test, which would be useful to assess an individuals' spelling ability but not so useful to determine their knowledge of legal spellings or suitability for a legal role, our test has been specifically designed as an assessment for prospective or current legal employees. Therefore, with our skills test, you can be sure to get an accurate indication of their suitability for a job in your practice. 

  • Practice test available
  • Randomised presentation
  • 15 minutes available
  • 10 minutes average completion time
  • 30 questions presented

Who is The Legal Spelling Test Aimed At?

Our legal spelling skills test is aimed at applicants for legal roles. This could include a legal secretary, paralegal or any job in a legal office that requires clerical or administrative duties (which is most of them!). 

The test could be used by employers and hiring managers to streamline their recruitment process. By assessing the level of your applicant's knowledge, understanding and spelling of commonly used legal words prior to official employment, managers can sift through hundreds of applications effortlessly and narrow down their talent pool to only the most knowledgable and competent applicants. 

As well as being used at the pre-employment stage, our skills test can also be used as a training and development resource for pre-existing office staff. You can effortlessly check your employees' language skills and put appropriate measures in place to enhance their skills should their performance on the quiz be less than ideal.

Legal Spelling Test

Skills Measured

01 Spelling

Each question on our quiz assesses your candidate's spelling skills by having them choose the correct spelling out of a list of common misspellings of legal words. This requires them to have an understanding of the correct spelling rules for English words (as opposed to American English for example). 

02 Grammar

As well as testing spelling abilities, our quiz also looks at your candidate's aptitude for grammar. By selecting the correct spelling of each word, your candidate also shows that they have the ability to not confuse the order of letters in a word, something which can be very easily done - particularly when in a hurry to complete a job. 

03 Knowledge of Legal Terminology

Whether you are an attorney or legal secretary, dealing with legal words and jargon is a daily occurrence in these types of jobs. Therefore, a candidate looking to work in a law practice absolutely must have an excellent, thorough knowledge of legal terminology. Our spelling assessment has been expertly designed for the legal industry and only contains words that are specific and vital to this field. Therefore, to select the right spellings and score well, your candidate must have a good general knowledge of legal terminology.

Why Use a Legal Spelling Test?

Maintain Professionalism

The ability to spell is essential - especially for legal professionals. Court files containing spelling errors don't give off a great impression to an attorney and documents with words, names and information misspelled can pull your firm's professionalism and competency into question. Simply ensuring that your next legal secretary or paralegal has impeccable spelling, punctuation and grammar skills can go a long way in maintaining and maximising your firm's standing against fierce competition. 

Smarter Hiring Decisions

Our spelling assessment makes choosing your next best hire a whole lot easier, more effective and extra efficient. You can seamlessly integrate this test into your pre-employment procedures and narrow down your talent pool to only the most skilled and competent candidates in an instant. No more time, money and resources wasted on unsuccessful hires - say hello to secretaries with superb spelling skills and paralegals who are perfect spellers! 

Boost Productivity

Unnecessary edits, reprints and typing errors are a death sentence for productivity. By utilising our spelling assessment, you can reduce the need for edits, steer clear of wasted time and maximise productivity by simply being able to employ people who know how to spell perfectly. After all, legal teams are busy enough without needing to make unnecessary amendments to their work!

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