Logical Reasoning Tests

Assess a candidate’s ability to call upon various types of information when prompted to find the correct answer amongst a set of possible options.

Measuring verbal and numerical reasoning skills

There are three types of logical skills test available at Skillsarena: numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and spatial awareness. Verbal and numerical reasoning skills are fundamental cognitive abilities essential across a broad range of roles and industries. Our assessments allow you to evaluate these competencies, enabling you to identify candidates with the highest abilities in these areas.

Verbal reasoning assessment. Our verbal reasoning test is designed to assess candidates' abilities to comprehend written information, analyse arguments effectively, and make logical conclusions. 

Numerical reasoning assessment. Our numerical reasoning test evaluates candidates' ability to understand, analyse, and interpret numerical data.

Spatial awareness assessment. Our spatial awareness test allows you to assess an individual’s awareness and ability to transform 3D shapes to 2D shapes and vice versa, spot patterns and evaluate your spatial intelligence. 

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Skills Tests

Aptitude tests of this kind are hugely valuable to employers, not only in the way in which can provide a detailed snapshot of a person's ability, but also the impact they can have on others around them.

Verbal Reasoning

30 Mins

Skillsarena's verbal reasoning test has been developed to assess an individual's ability to accurately analyse and interpret a passage of text.

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Numerical Reasoning

30 Mins

The numerical reasoning test is a psychometric aptitude test used to assess a potential employees numerical abilities, arithmetic skills and logic.

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Spatial Awareness

30 Mins

Designed to asses an individual's awareness and ability to transform 3D shapes to 2D shapes and vice versa, spot an patterns and evaluate your spatial intelligence

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Recruit top talent with a logical reasoning test

A logical thinking skills test can allow you to improve your recruitment process considerably, helping you to find suitable candidates for roles in a quicker, more efficient manner. Verbal and numerical reasoning tests can also help filter out those who are unsuitable and don’t have the skills needed to perform at the required standard, preventing you from wasting time interviewing these individuals. By integrating a logic and reasoning test into your hiring process, you can fill key positions within your organisation with high-calibre candidates who possess the essential analytical skills required for success.

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Why should I use a logical reasoning test?

These assessments allow employers the determine a candidate's ability to interpret different types of information, then apply logic to solve problems and draw relevant conclusions.

What is an aptitude and cognitive ability test?

An Aptitude and Cognitive Ability Test looks at problem-solving and logical understanding of a particular skill area such as verbal communication or numerical understanding. Candidates apply their reasoning skills to interpret the information and use logic to then determine the correct answer.

What is cognitive ability?

Cognitive ability is the use of brain-based skills to perform activities ranging from simple to complex. It has more to do with how we learn, retain information, problem-solve and pay attention rather than the specific knowledge we might have on a subject. The most commonly used Aptitude and Cognitive Ability Tests are Verbal Reasoning Tests and Numerical Reasoning Tests.

What is numerical and verbal reasoning testing?

Both numerical and verbal reasoning testing are ideal ways to help improve your selection within the recruitment process by helping you decide which candidates are the best fit for the role. The tests can also help filter out those who are unsuitable and do not have the core skills required for optimal job performance. A candidate's aptitude can be assessed in many different ways and allows employers to see how a candidate would react to situations in the workplace.

How does logical reasoning benefit?

Logical reasoning is essential in all kinds of roles, so these pre-employment assessments are perfect for measuring the non-verbal cognitive abilities of your candidates. Unlike many other skill sets, it is challenging to assess a candidate's logical reasoning during a face-to-face interview. Instead, but conducting a Logical Reasoning Test, you are able to ask the most important questions that will give you an insight into the way in which your candidates thinking when faced with job-related situations.

Who are these tests suited for?

For almost any role you are recruiting for, a basic level of literacy and/or numeracy is needed. These tests help assess a candidate’s aptitude, attention to detail, their ability to use numbers and language and transfer this into the working environment. Whether they be entry-level or highly educated, it is impossible to guess a person's logical reasoning, which that is where our tests come in. They require candidates to answer multiple-choice questions using the information provided rather than implementing prior knowledge. 

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