Verbal Reasoning Test

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Our Verbal Reasoning Test assesses a candidate’s capacity to read, interpret and identify critical issues quickly and logically using concepts framed by words. Verbal reasoning testing assesses a candidate’s ability to make deductions from text based on how well they are able to analyse written information, while also measuring their aptitude for understanding language. It evaluates a candidate’s level of verbal comprehension and their ability to think constructively to reach accurate conclusions, usually in the form of ‘True’ or ‘False’ questions following a written passage.

Verbal Reasoning Test

What is the verbal reasoning test?

The Verbal Reasoning test has been created to assess how well an individual can analyse a passage of written text and extract information to correctly answer questions. This aptitude test helps employers to identify if a candidate can use logical thinking and reasoning to process verbal data.

Our online Verbal Reasoning assessment is designed to test an individual’s ability to utilise a wide range of verbal reasoning skills. During this test, candidates are required to answer questions on letter sequences, reading comprehension, deductive reasoning and analogies.

The questions in this assessment are presented in a variety of formats including Multiple-choice questions, true or false statements and manual entry answers. This is a logical test in which the test questions will relate to a passage and candidates will showcase their ability to practice logical and verbal analysis to reach an answer. The test has progressive difficulty, with each question being harder than the last as candidates progress through the test.

Candidates will be presented with 30 questions to complete within a 30 minute time limit. The first 10 questions are at a Fundamental level, questions 11 – 20 are at a Core level ant the final questions (21 – 30) are at a professional level. Each candidate’s answers are automatically marked and one point is awarded for each correctly answered question, Any skipped question or those that are not taken will result in no point being awarded.

There are also practice questions available to prepare for the actual test and give your hiring managers and the candidates an idea of the format of the actual Verbal Reasoning test.

  • Practice test available
  • 30 minutes available
  • 30 questions presented
  • 30 questions in pool

Who is the verbal reasoning test aimed at?

Our verbal reasoning assessments are often used as a way to predict an individual’s future job performance. Jobs such as Consultancy roles, Law, Finance, Teaching and all require verbal reasoning skills to be performed well. The Verbal test is a psychometric test often used alongside the numerical test and other ability tests during the recruitment process.

Verbal reasoning ability tests provide support to hiring managers, the test asks logical reasoning questions requiring candidates to draw on their verbal knowledge and not general knowledge, therefore, showing the hiring managers that they have the necessary skills.

The logical psychometric tests in this module are made to assess an individual’s problem-solving skills, they are built to assess reasoning abilities rather than academic achievements. At Skills Arena, we provide practice tests that allow the test-taker to prepare for what is to come in the real aptitude test and practice skills that may not have been used for a while. The verbal reasoning practice test is also a great way to learn, by making mistakes that do not count to the final point total candidates are able to self review and gather further information before test time.

With our verbal reasoning test, you can assess a candidate’s ability to understand a written passage. It has been designed to measure verbal comprehension, reasoning and logic skills, through the correct understanding of English. Many individuals, when faced with a large passage of text, choose to skim read and jump to conclusions, with this test you can identify those who are quick to misinterpret information. 

Verbal Reasoning Test

Skills Measured

01 Mental Agility

Candidates will be assessed on their ability to answer the verbal reasoning questions in a flexibly way. Meaning they are able to grasp information from a range of topics and move between these topics without confusion.

02 Lateral Thinking

While taking this test candidates will be required to use their verbal reasoning skills to use indirect approaches and find the correct answers.

03 Deduction

During this assessment, candidates will be expected to use logic to extract information from different question types and come to a conclusion and provide the correct answer. 

04 Logic and Reasoning

The ability to use verbal reasoning and logical reasoning skills will be essential to completing this aptitude test.

Why use a Verbal Reasoning Test?

The use of a verbal reasoning test can help reduce the time and costs during the hiring process. By cutting out the middleman and avoiding sending candidates to assessment centres, online test-taking has fast become one of the easiest ways to prepare and assess individuals.

Improve the hiring process

Alongside information collected at the interview stage, results from the verbal reasoning assessment can aid an employer in making an unbiased decision on who to hire. Candidates prove they can use inductive reasoning, to show understanding of general principles from specific observations.

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