Maths Skills Test

At Skillsarena, we provide a range of maths tests online, allowing employers to assess candidates’ mathematical skills, including their ability to analyse and interpret numerical data.

Numeracy skills tests

Our maths assessment tests are ideal for organisations in various industries, ranging from finance and engineering to data analysis and beyond. Even candidates who aren’t expected to work with numbers on a daily basis can benefit from our math tests, as they can offer valuable insights into their cognitive abilities and problem-solving aptitude.

A mathematics skills test offers a comprehensive evaluation of candidates' mathematical abilities, giving employers the best chance of hiring staff that are equipped with the skills crucial for success in their roles. More and more employers are recognising the key part that strong mathematical skills play in various job functions, making these tests an integral element of their recruitment process.

What does a Skillsarena maths test involve?

Every mathematics skills test on the Skillsarena website has been carefully curated by our team, ensuring a thorough evaluation of a candidate’s numerical abilities. Conducted online, these tests measure a candidate’s ability to work with numbers, solve basic or complex mathematical problems, and interpret numerical data accurately. They offer a comprehensive overview of the candidate's mathematical abilities, giving a rounded view of their capabilities.

Our most popular tests include the numerical comprehension test, numeracy assessment and arithmetic assessment. All take around 15 minutes to complete, providing a quick yet detailed assessment of candidates' mathematical skills. Whether you’re seeking a basic math skills test or a more in-depth evaluation of applicants’ abilities, we can assist.

Streamline your recruitment process with numeracy tests

A Skillsarena numeracy test allows you to streamline your hiring process by accurately assessing candidates' numerical capabilities. These assessments are meticulously designed to evaluate candidates' proficiency in handling and interpreting numerical data and using numerical reasoning to make calculations. Incorporating these tests into your recruitment process allows you to identify candidates who possess the essential numeracy skills required for success in the role you’re hiring for. With detailed insights into candidates' mathematical abilities, you can make informed hiring decisions swiftly, ensuring a more efficient selection process.

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Skills Tests

Candidates's mathematical knowledge can be tested on their ability to extract data trends from charts and tables to completing basic maths problems without using a calculator.

Numerical Comprehension

15 Mins

Use our numerical comprehension test to assess a candidate's ability to handle and interpret numerical data.

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Numeracy Assessment

15 Mins

The Numeracy assessment is a numerical reasoning assessment designed to question an individual’s ability to determine the answer to numerical scenarios with the aid of a calculator.

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Arithmetic Assessment

15 Mins

The Arithmetic assessment tests an individual by asking a short mental arithmetic question and using the answer to gain an accurate picture of the respondent’s abilities.

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Why choose our maths test online?

More and more organisations are choosing Skillsarena when they require a reliable skills test maths. There are many reasons to opt for our tests when you need to evaluate candidates’ numerical abilities.

  • A wide range of maths tests. You’ll find a varied selection of maths tests on our platform, allowing you to evaluate various aspects of a candidate’s mathematical skills.
  • Dedicated UK-based customer service team. Our friendly customer service team is based in the UK and ready to address any concerns or queries you may have. This ensures a smooth and stress-free testing experience for you and your candidates.
  • Free demo and trial. You can experience our maths skills test first-hand thanks to our free demo and trial options. Explore our maths assessment test in detail and find out how it can integrate into your recruitment process.

To find out more about our maths assessment test, get in touch today. Phone us on 0203 693 2201 or send an email to to speak to one of our friendly team.

Why should I use numeracy skills tests?

No matter the job role or the industry you are recruiting for, numeracy skills are a fundamental requirement of most positions.

Save time during your hire process

By having candidates complete numeracy assessments, employers are able to save time during the hiring process, as they will only need to conduct interviews with candidates who have provided correct answers to questions as part of their numeracy test.

What different levels are available?

Our Numeracy Skill tests are aptitude tests that will allow you to assess an individuals numeracy skills at different levels depending on your needs. You can choose between our Arithmetic skills test, Numeracy skills test, or Numerical Comprehension skills test. However, if you'd like to measure every aspect of your candidates' numeracy, you can choose each of the maths tests we have available. 

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