Microsoft skills tests

Microsoft Office tests have been created to ensure that all current and prospective employees of your organisation possess the skills required to use the most important Microsoft Office programs.

Microsoft Office tests

No matter the role you are recruiting for, your candidate is very likely to encounter at least one of the Microsoft Office programs at some point. As such, these tests are not industry-specific. While some job roles will be expected to use certain programs more than others, generally speaking, all all verticals will benefit from gaining a holistic understanding of candidate’s aptitude for using MS office.

By gaining an overall understanding of Microsoft Office skills in an organisation or candidate pool, employers can come to a more rounded decision on whether the individual in question is well-suited for the role.

  • All roles using a computer
  • All roles using the MS application

Skills Tests

Pre-employment tests within the Microsoft Office skills assessment module assess a candidate’s ability to use Office by focussing specifically on Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook

15 Mins

Use our Microsoft Outlook test to gain an understanding of your applicants' proficiency at Microsoft Outlook, the part of the Microsoft Office suite used for managing information.

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Microsoft PowerPoint

15 Mins

The Microsoft PowerPoint test has been created to test a candidate’s ability to use PowerPoint to assemble a presentation and make modifications to text and slide layouts.

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Microsoft Word

15 Mins

Use our Microsoft Word Test to assess your candidates' aptitude at using Word, the world's most used word processor.

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Microsoft Excel

15 Mins

Use our Microsoft Excel Test to gain a more thorough understanding of your candidates’ proficiency at using Excel.

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What are Microsoft Office tests?

As most office workers will know, Microsoft Office is the world's most popular suite of desktop programs. The suite of tools is used all across the world on a day-to-day basis, so the vast majority of organisations will use at least one form of Microsoft Office application. Needless to say, in the modern workplace, Microsoft Office Skills are indispensable!

Microsoft Office skills assessments put candidates' and employees' aptitude for using Microsoft Office to the test. They are job-based, fully simulated assessments that are perfect for helping employers to measure the Microsoft Office aptitude of job seekers as well as that of existing employees. By testing individuals with these Microsoft exams, organisations can feel comfortable knowing that each of their employees is comfortable enough to use these tools effectively to help them carry out their job.

Why do I need Microsoft Office Tests?

Whether you are looking to onboard new employees or are re-training your existing employees to provide them with the basic skills needed to improve their productivity, Microsoft Office tests are hugely beneficial.

Essential for the workplace

As Microsoft Office skills are so essential to the workplace, most employers want to ensure that those applying for their roles either already have the organisational skills required for the role, or at least that they are able to display a capability for improvement in this area.

Quick and effective for filtering candidates

Microsoft Office tests are a quick and effective way of filtering out candidates who are not a good fit for the role, as you can score your test taker's capability and expertise in using MS office before inviting them to interview. Having a better understanding of their skill level will allow you to gain insights into how well they will perform as part of your organisation, which will effectively help you to avoid making bad hiring decisions.

As your number of unsuccessful interviews will decrease, your recruitment process will be greatly reduced. You will be able to dedicate more of your time and resources to focussing on the success of your company.

Used by employers and candidates

Additionally, these tests are not only useful for recruiters, hiring managers and organisations as a whole, but for applicants also. As they are accessible online, your uses can access them from anywhere and complete them on a time frame that suits them best.